Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Time That I...met some NY Giants!

I must have been around 8 when the NY Giants came to our local College for a basketball charity for the college. They had done it the previous year, but I had missed out on going. So this time my father this time, my father made sure we got to go. It was an awesome experience. Watching Dave Meggett attempt to dunk (for those of you who know him, he's not the tallest guy around) and a few others interact with fans in the crowd calling the little kids out to play with them. I wasn't lucky enough to be chosen, but did get seats up front.

At the end of the hoops, each Giants player sat at a table and everyone had to wait in lines to get autographs. I managed to get autographs of Dave Megget, Ed McCaffrey (still not sure about this one) and Chris Calloway. Was a great experience. I wished they still did that here. But it was only just for those 2 years. But I was glad to had been able to go once.

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