Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vintage Sports Cards...are these real?

Is this really Jason Kidd's jersey?
I saw another blogger who wrote about this and I found it interesting myself to give my own take on them, Have any of you ever made a purchase for one of these at a retail store? There were 3 sports of them, MLB, NFL and NBA (I don't know if they made an NHL one. never have seen one) and usually were on hangers for around $5. Some of them came with packs and sold for around $20. They feature top players from their respected sports on the outside, but usually the inside gives you a different take.

They come as a frame overall piece that has an embedded card and jersey piece and guarantee that the jersey is authentic. Now they are unique pieces that you can use them like a picture frame and use the backing to stand them up next to your night stand where you and your significant other can appreciate it, but I question whether the jersey is authentic. Yes, they make is seem real with different colored pieces and sometimes a stripe or patch thrown in, but how do we as collectors truly know? Its just a little strange to see a jersey just glued into a picture frame and randomly put there. But, I guess that doesn't mean they are not authentic. Just makes you question it.

And yes, I own a few myself and call them collectibles. They are a different form of jersey card and a different kind of card to own which is why I bought them in the first place, but once I opened up a couple I began to realize that maybe these are not what they are cracked up to be. So, I gave them up. 2 for me is enough.

If any of you have ever purchased one of these, what did you think of them? Do you believe the jersey is authentic?

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  1. i bought to basketball boxes with unopen packs various years that contained these jersey cards,,,thought i was goint to get topps/upper deck jersey cards...but got these bs jersey cards instead...trying to sell them in my sportsbut store for last 3 months...tried auctioning luck...there no interest for them in the hobby