Sunday, May 27, 2012

Panini Redemption mailday..part 2: Panini's CS is the Bomb!

If you don't remember us getting a redemption mail day a few weeks ago here is the link:

In the write up we question the value of the card we got in return compared to the one we were supposed to get. After some research...we found the values were not equal. So I called Panini CS and this is what they mailed me to make up the loss. They mailed this card out and it got to me within 3 days! John Taylor National Treasures Ring of Honor autograph numbered to 50. I thought it definitely made up for the value.

Panini's customer service continues to improve and with that being one of their former weak spots...the company now is rising even higher to me as the best. I am not the only one who is thinking so. I have seen a lot of compliments recently on their improving customer service.

How do you feel about them? Have you had a good or bad experience recently with them? Let us know in comments!

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