Wednesday, August 22, 2012

25 Cent Card Show Pickups

These are only SOME of the pickups I got for 25 cents starts now:

Donovan McNabb Donruss Prefferred Rookie, Amani Toomer Leaf Certified rookie and Brandon Stokley Playoff Momentum rookie (one of 3 I found)

Donald Driver, Brian Urlacher x2, Charles Woodson, Ricky Williams, Daunte Culpepper, Champ Bailey x2 rookies

Always loved these!

2 nobodies..but 25 cent autos..can't go wrong!

Some of the inserts I landed of top players. This group consists of $10-$15 BV inserts of Dan Marino, Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders

4 out of 6 Allen Iverson rookies

2 Magglio Ordonez and 2 Mike Lowell rookies


  1. Person after my own heart - love to dig through the bins to find some golden tickets... Great finds.