Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Box Breakers (Christmas Edition): Crown Royale Football 2011

Here is one of FOUR Christmas present breaks I got to do early! This is one of my favorite products...but this time around the product didn't award me quite as well as my first time around.

Base Cards..the best looking out there.

Best Pulls from the box
The Phil Taylor is # to 25
Can't go wrong with a Giants auto
I love the look of this product and my first break of it was terrific. But this one wasn't nearly half as exciting. 4 autos in a box doesn't happen to often. Usually you get two autos and two jersey cards. Not going to argue over getting four autos cause we all know how much jersey cards are over produced, just wished one had been a Rookie Silhouette or a bigger name player.

I rate this break


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