Saturday, April 7, 2012

Designs I miss: 1990's Inserts

This insert was put into Topps Football 1996 the year Topps was celebrating 40 years. Turf Warriors is still to this day one of my favorite inserts of all-time. The card has a unique feel to it. Not turf though. They used a special kind of felt to make it feel like turf which makes this insert very different. Card Companies now don't put as much effort into their inserts. They make them white background, flimsy, cheesy. Something we nowadays would use in our bicycle spikes just like they used to do in the olden days.

In the 90's inserts were much more exciting to chase and harder to find. Now they come about every pack.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sport Card Companies Ratings

Each card company has their strengths and weaknesses about them. Some of the companies strong points outdo their negatives. I have broken down the 4 main companies and have pointed out their strengths and weaknesses and my overall rating and thoughts.

The $ is based on a $-$$$$$ scale

Strengths: They have licenses for MLB (exclusive), NFL and UFC. There products are pretty popular among collectors.
Weakness: By far the worst customer service out of all of the companies. And not much fan interaction.

Overall: $$ They do not reply to emails (I found this out more than once. just a couple of weeks ago and no response). They do not answer Facebook questions about their products. They produce halfway decent products, but distance themselves from the most important people Us, the collectors. I don't know if there positives outweigh their negatives until they can fix their connection with their fans.

Upper Deck:
Strengths: They have NCAA license and a NHL, Golf and an Marvel line. Customers are still getting adjusted to their NCAA product but they seem to be still going strong especially their Sp Authentic brand. They are very good with answering questions on Facebook and holding contests as well. The times I have called them for customer service they have been good. They answer emails well. And they also have something called the Volunteer Alliance where they give fans a chance to "work" for them and in exchange you can be awarded a mail day!
Weakness: No professional licenses besides NHL, Golf, and MLS. And they have had some serious phone line issues when it comes to calling their customer service which they have been working on awhile now to fix and may have done it.

Overall: $$$Their positives outdo their negatives. They love to respond to their customers. And to me, that's very important. And despite lack of pro licensing, they are doing a great job with their products.

Press Pass: 
Strengths: They have a football card and the only exclusive NASCAR license. They also produce an Elvis line, Yo Gabba Gabba and more. Probably one of the better customer services through phone lines, emails and Facebook. They hold contests and almost always rewards all of the fans who participate in them. They do things for solders overseas such as sending thinking of you letters which Press Pass fans write and then Press Pass awards the fans for doing it. They produce some great NASCAR cards.
Weakness: Lack of licensing.

Overall: $$$ Lack of licensing kept them from a 4 rating. But any company that goes out of their way to do things for their fans and for our solders overseas is great with me.

Panini America:
Strengths: Too many licenses to list so I will stick with what they don't have instead, a MLB license. They are improving their customer service. They are 50/50 when it comes to answering emails, but they do answer them positively when they do. They have a great blog with always a ton of giveaways!
Weakness: No MLB license. And not any Facebook interaction. If you have a question or comment, its best not to post on their Facebook if you are looking for an answer. Nice products, but a ton and ton of redemption's.

Overall:  $$$$  Panini dominates the licensing of the hobby and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they get a MLB license soon. They also have an increasingly getting better customer service and I can recently attest to this about a redemption card replacement that went rough at first, but got better. They also hold a ton of giveaways.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with my ratings. Always fun to get into a card debate!!

Review: Panini Prime Signatures

First off, I want to give a shout out to Tracy Hackler and Panini for providing this box for me to review. Thanks so much guys!! Here is what we got. The box only contains 4 cards so the review will be a small one.

Box Design: Plain, simple, elegant. 3 words to explain it. It tells you right up front. 4 cards. 1 pack.

$$$ out of 5

Wrapper: Matches the box. So look above for my thoughts.

$$$ out of 5

Base Cards/Inserts: Thick high gloss cards. We got a Barry Sanders Parallel numbered to 99. All of the base cards are numbered to 499. The design is simple. Looks nice. Best white background base card I have seen. Panini also always does a great job mixing in the All-Time greats in their base sets as well.

$$$ out of 5

Memorabilia: N/A

Autographs: You get one autograph per box. The other 3 cards are base. I would call this a pretty risky but high reward product. I was happy to have gotten a Jerell Jernigan as my auto. But others might not have felt this way. Especially since the one hit was a redemption.

$$ out of 5

Overall: A high risk, but can be a high reward product. I only worry with only the one hit being a possible redemption how everyone might feel about it. Redemption cards don't bother me as much as some people. Especially NY Giants ones.. I am not scaring you away from this product because the reward can be great and the base cards look very nice. Just letting you be aware the product only has one hit and you might land a redemption. However, to let you know, I have seen many breaks of this product and this is the first one I have seen with a redemption.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Time That I....waited hours in line for a Ray Bourque autograph

I can't believe I did it, but one time I waited 5 hours to get an autograph of a Hockey Legend. At our local mall they were holding a Grand Opening for a new store and got Ray Bourque to come and sign. The lines were way out of the door. Of course being the first time ever a big sports name came in the area, you knew there would be a waiting line. I originally was just going to get the photo he was handing out signed, but while I was in line a nice lady came over to me because she saw me empty handed and gave me a Power Play card to be signed. I thanked her and after the long tiring wait, got my autograph photo and my card signed and got to say hi. It was an experience I will never forget. Especially since he was the last sports celebrity to come here. And could be the last ever.

Upper Deck Mailday!! Review of National Hockey Card Day Packs

I recently was chosen and won a few Upper Decks National Hockey Card day packs. 6 to be exact. Here are my thoughts...

Wrappers: The wrappers are quite catchy. Really like the shine and the design on the front as well. I also like they made two different versions for Canada and the USA.

The Cards: I think the design is nice. I like they made 2 different versions. One for Hockey Card Day in Canada (above) and one for America (below). The cards stand out and even though its a 15 card checklist, they have a good mix of rookies and stars and old timers. We weren't fortunate enough to hit the long odds of an autograph, but those are in here to be found.

Overall: These packs were handed out to fans who went on a specific day to their hobby shop. Upper Deck was great and gave some of these away to fans on their Facebook page as well. Overall, you can't go wrong to get one of these packs for free or even if you had to pay for them. Nice looking and a chance to land a great auto.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Game Day Snacks: Buffalo Chicken

This is the start of my series of recipes I make either for a game day,a trade night or a box busting. I figure, why not share with the rest of the world!! I make this form of Buffalo Chicken all of the time. Its easy. Its' quick. And it tastes great!

Sport Card Collectors Buffalo Chicken
1 cup of Buffalo Sauce
1 tablespoon of Margarine
Dash of salt and pepper
10-15 Breaded chicken nuggets, strips or patties

Depending on how fast you want your food done depends on how long this recipe can take. First you take your chicken and you can deep fry it (the faster version) til its crispy or bake it (will take around 20mins to get there) til they are crispy.

Take the buffalo sauce and margarine and microwave them together for 40 secs until the butter is melted. Add the dash of salt and pepper mix it to together then toss in the chicken. Pull the chicken out put it on a plate, serve with celery and ranch or blue cheese and there you go! Buffalo chicken at its simplest form. Now dig in and enjoy!! And don't forget to share with friends during a game day, trade night or a box busting!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Official Opening Day!!!

Finally its here!! The start of baseball. Feels like forever since I watched St. Louis hoist the World Series trophy. And to celebrate such a great day...I will inform you ahead of time that this weekends giveaway will be an autographed baseball card. So keep that in mind and come Rowand back here with your entries. Please remember you can enter once a day and that will also give you the best chance of winning.

The day will also let me see if my World Series prediction will come to life. Yankees vs. Marlins. I can see Miami with their young pitching, new added veteran talent, a new stadium and a new manager who is well...unique vs a rebuilt Yankees pitching staff and and already veteran team with a powerful offense. And another motivation in what is most likely Mariano Rivera's last season. And who knows how many years Derek Jeter has left.

Let me know what your picks are for the World Series and definitely let me know your thoughts on my picks. And remember to come back on Friday to enter to win an autograph baseball card.

Andrew Luck: Panini America signs Trading card deal with him!

Panini announced today they have inked the Stanford University superstar quarterback Andrew Luck for the 2012 season.

The deal is Luck’s first licensed NFL trading cards which will include his first licensed autographed cards. He also had cards for Press Pass and autographs for them as well.

Andrew Luck's first pictured Panini card will be in their Prestige 2012 release which would be there first release of the season.

Odd Ball Collection: Sports Books

I would say that with my all around sport collecting I do, sometimes even non-sport items as well, I feel I would fit the Nerd status. Here is a small gallery of sports books I own. Some I have read, some I haven't yet. But I feel some of these are collectibles. Remember this is only some :)

Then my favorite Sports book I have read so far Honus & Me. I also watched the TV movie which was excellent as well!
If only any of us could come across this card to own it or go on the adventures that took place. I highly recommend reading it or at least watching the movie!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

100TH Post

For my 100th post already, I would like to recap what we have for titles on this blog.

Oddball Collections
Brands I Miss
Designs I Miss
Favorite Card Thursday
Product Releases for the Week
*NEW* Game Day Recipes (coming soon!)

There could be more future titles to come. But this is what we have for now! Thanks for visiting my blog. If you have anything you would like to see, just let me know!!

Big Bang Theory Trading Cards part 2

Well...I told you when I have more images of these I would share them!!! Check em out!!

Can't wait to see these up close sometime!! Beam me up Scotty!!!!