Friday, May 11, 2012

Cards, kids and our hobby

We really liked the topic Upper Deck brought up this week. What should we do to get kids interested in collecting new trading card sets? I like to twist their sentence a little and put it as, what should we do to get kids interested in the hobby in general? 

Here is the idea I had posted on there:

"Here is a new/old idea. How about introducing kids through collecting by putting 1 or 2 cards into cereal boxes? This hasn’t been done too often since Post had them in their boxes in 93 and 94. Have a checklist of about 10 players and have one card per box of cereal. And from here move onto other foods as well. Kids love food. You can put mini cards into boxes of Cracker Jack. Put them into fruit snack boxes. I was a kids once and nothing was more exciting than finding something special in my box of food.

Thats just a start. Put cards and video games together. In order to get kids into this great hobby, you have got to target their favorite spots. If they really dig what they find in their box of cereal or in the other foods or video games for free cards, it could push them into buying the real stuff.

But there has got to be a kid friendly brand(s) out there for them to purchase. Not something too expensive (I have seen so many parents not buying because of price), too confusing (meaning no Sp’s and variations), or too much in depth with the product. They need something simple, colorful, eye catching and on a kid level. Die cuts, refractors, cards that you can feel (ones with felt or bumpiness) could be attention drawers.

And maybe besides sports, doing their favorite tv shows might be a draw in. You never know."

This was only part of an idea I had. There is a ton of stuff we can do to fix the hobby to draw interest from younger fans.

I now post this question to you guys...what do you think we or card companies should do to draw in a younger fan base so the future of our hobby doesn't disappear?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fan Favorite Card Thursday: Harold Tourjee's 1948 Yogi Berra

"This is one of my favorite cards: 1948 Bowman Yogi Berra.  It was the first "Vintage" card I got when I first started collecting baseball cards when I was 9 years old (that was 45 years ago).  Albeit it wasn't that old of a card then compared to today's standards but it was my first."

Harold Tourjee

Fan Favorite Card Thursday: Joshua Hlavaty's Von Miller

"my favorite card is my Von Miller auto jersey bought it for $6 lol"

Thanks for the email Joshua and the write up. If anyone else would like to join this just drop us an email at with an image of your favorite card and why it is your favorite and your name!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Press Pass Football 2012 6 hobby packs

Thought we would give these a try. Didn't have great results. But here is what we got!

Packs: Love that they have 3 different players.

Base: Not bad looking. Press Pass does nice with their base cards.  Landscape layout with the players jersey number in the back next to the player. Then a white bottom border with the players name in silver. Wished they had some form of license so the helmets are not so bland.

Inserts: We got a reflector numbered to 299. And every pack contained a gold parallel. The reflectors have always been one of my favorite inserts. They are like Topps Chrome refractors.

Autographs: Out of LUCK

Memorabilia: Nothing

Overall: Rating based on a 1-5 score

Pack Value: 3

Hit Potential: 4

MOJO factor: 3
Quality: 3

Sport Card Collectors Overall Rating: 3. This product has a chance for great hits. You can score up to six autographs in every box. Which is why we were surprised not to land one out of our 6 packs.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: Topps Rising Rookies Football 2011 blaster

It was a fun bust. Something new to try. Kind of a flashback buy since this was one of the first releases of the 2011 NFL Football Cards season. Here is the breakdown!

Box: It catches my attention with the 1 exclusive NFL Rookie Team Patch inside then it also catches my attention with the two top players on the front.

Packs: Read box. Except the Rookie patch part

Packs 2: Who doesn't like an extra shiny pack that has a rookie patch in it!!! All eyes are drawn in! The one thing all of us collectors love is something shiny!

Base: I like the designs for the base and the rookie cards. The Football look and the players name and team name stand out. The rookies with the NFL Draft name quietly placed in the back and the standout team name and what round the player was drafted catches your attention. However,  I don't like how they feel so paper thin.

Inserts: Lots of parallels, some nice looking inserts. We got a Cam Newton NFL Draft so that made the blaster much better.

Memorabilia: Its a one per blaster hit. A fake patch card, but its cool and its numbered. To make these more unique, its a pre-draft patch. Meaning most of these were made with the wrong team to the player. It was like Topps did a mock draft. This one is of Von Miller. He obviously doesn't play for the Titans. But from some research I have done on multiple sites, this is what I have been hearing about these.

Autographs: None. Wasn't lucky enough.

Overall: Rating based on a 1-5 score
Box Value: 3
Hit Potential: 1
MOJO factor: 1
Quality: 2
Sport Card Collectors Overall Rating: 3. We have it this score because the patch is nice. The design of the overall product is nice. But the paper thin feel to the cards take away some of the value we feel. But we would recommend picking one up if you can find it cheap as we did.