Friday, May 18, 2012

QB Battles to watch for 2012

A lot of QB battles look to be on for 2012 NFL season.

Kevin Kolb vs John Skeleton..... CARDINALS
Matt Hasselbeck vs Jake Locker..... TITANS
Ryan Tannehil vs David Garrard vs Matt Moore.... DOLPHINS
Blaine Gabbert vs Chad Henne..... JAGUARS
Tim Tebow vs Mark Sanchez..... JETS
Russel Wilson vs Matt Flynn vs Tavaris Jackson...SEAHAWKS

Some of these may have obvious answers. But ones like Kolb and Skeleton and Hasselbeck and Locker and the Seattle battle keep me intrigued. And below I break those three down.

Kolb I thought was overpaid and that Arizona gave up way too much for a guy who was unproven. I believe in the end Kolb will retain the spot. Not because he is any better than Skeleton who won five games as a starter for Arizona, but because the Cardinals put so much into him.

Hasselbeck is the veteran and has been around for what seems forever. But when he went down last year and Jake Locker stepped in, Locker proved he was worthy of being a top 10 pick. And because he looked sharp at points and that he was drafted in the top 10 I believe he will be the starter. Whether its at the beginning of the season, or by week 6. But having Hasselbeck there to help him along with his progressions.

And as for the three way battle in Seattle...Jackson had his chance so he will be third on the depth chart if not released in training camp. Matt Flynn will start the season as the starter. They way overpaid for a guy who only had one great game in his career. I think this is a Kolb situation. They will test him early, if he doesn't step up and play well and Seattle starts off slow..they will put the exciting player in Wilson on the field. And from the sounds of it..Seattle has been very excited about his play in rookie mini camps.

Most of the talk about the QB battles will be on Sanchez and Tebow. To me, there is nothing to that. Tebow is not a throwing QB. Plain and simple. They brought him in to help with their lack of running game. Sanchez is the starter.

If you have any thoughts on the QB battles and think there is another I missed or you think a different starter will be put in place. Just comment below!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Favorite Card Thursday

Our favorite card this week is Jerrel Jernigan patch auto we won from a recent contest. Love the design and the way it stands out. I do need to put it in a new jersey card case to make it shine even more.

We didn't have any pics this Thursday for Fan Favorite Card Thursday. Remember if you have a card to share and want to be featured next Thursday please email us a pic and a reason why its your favorite card to We love to feature our fans!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nice Mail Day!

Received this package in the mail last week of a prize lot we won. Pretty nice lot. Great looking T.  The cards are a Finest Patch Rookie autograph (which was a bonus card thrown in) of Jerrel Jernigan and a Panini Player Of the Day set that includes, Eli Manning, Cam Newton, and Julio Jones along many others.

Here is the blog we won this awesome lot from!! You should check them out!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2 Retail Pack Review: Bowman Baseball 2012

Had an itch for some baseball and wanted to pick up a Bryce Harper. Picked up a couple of packs of Bowman Baseball 2012. I didn't have much success but here is how I did:

Packs: Two of the top rookie prospects..can't go wrong! Very eye catching.

Base: Good photography, but what bothers me is they should extend the photography. Don't use a white border to take up a lot of the picture.

Chrome Base: The white border doesn't bother me as much with chrome. Maybe because its chrome and I have always been a big fan.

Inserts: Gold parallels falling one per pack. Internationals falling 1:4. Refractors, Bowman's Best and more. This product has a ton of nice looking inserts.

Autographs/memorabilia: N/A

Overall: I am not much of a prospector. Which is definitely is what this product is all about. I try to get the main rookies and my main chase was to get Bryce Harper which I was not successful at. But I would recommend this product. It has a lot to offer. And for only a few bucks a never know what can come out and surprise you from this.

Ratings: 1-5 rating.
                Base Design : 2
                Insert Design :3
                Autograph/ Memorabila Design: N/A
                Packaging: 3
                Value: 3
                Wow Factor: 3
                Mojo Hits: 2

Monday, May 14, 2012

TTM:Through the Mail Autos

TTM, otherwise known as Through the mail autos can be a fun experience for any collector. The anticipation of possibly landing your favorite player from your favorite team. Wow. You can drool just thinking about it. I have only been lucky enough to land one of my favorite players from my favorite team the New York Giants. But I have landed other autographs from pro athletes using Through The Mail.

The Giants player I recieved is RW McQuarters who I sent this Topps card to after the Giants had won Super Bowl 42. I was actually shocked to have gotten it back. I sent him a letter of thanks for making big interceptions in the playoffs that season to help carry the Giants through to the Super Bowl. And to show his appreciation for me as a fan, he sent me the card back signed.

I have some tips on how to land some autographs from your favorite teams without having to spend anymore than 2 stamps.

1st: Send to the team headquarters and ATTN to the player you desire
2nd: Don't aim for the star players. You most likely will never see them back
3rd: Best time to send is in the off-seasons for any sport
4th: Send a SASE with a stamp on it with a card included. Don't ask for too much
5th: Make your letter personal. Don't just type up a generic letter. Make it about their career and yourself.

I have not had great success, 12 returned out of 60, but I did have some returned and these were my keys to success. I wish you all luck and I will be sharing on and off which ones I got back. One of those is posted here.

If you have any other questions just leave them in the comments section and I will do my best to answer them.