Friday, August 24, 2012

Random Card Of The Day:Jerrel Jernigan Playoff Contenders Rookie auto

I think this guy has a lot of upside...lets see if he can get the playing time to prove himself.

Card Show Breaks, 99-00 Topps Basketball and 97-97 Collectors Choice Basketball

Along with the great singles I bought..I found some 50 cent packs. Here is a break of 36 packs of Topps Basketball 99-00 and one pack of Collectors Choice 97-98 Basketball.

1 Elton Brand rookie, 1 Richard Hamilton and 2 Ron Artests

Was glad to see a Kobe insert

 Here is the Collectors Choice break:

Overall, for 50 cents a pack..not really going to argue. Got some good rookies. A few good inserts. Most likely got my money back.

Flashback Product: 1985 Fleer Baseball Rack Box

1989 Fleer Baseball Rack Box (24 Racks)

24 rack packs per box
Key Rookies: Roger Clemens, Kirby Puckett

Boxes run around $300. These are hard to find!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Favorite Card Thursday: Sweet Piece of Hockey auto/jersey!

Not usually the casual hockey or hockey card fan...but I loved this product and this card!

Rookie Anthology Luxary Suite Louis Leblanc auto/jersey that I pulled out of the bonus pack from a box of Rookie Anthology.

My $1 Card Show Finds: 1997 Leaf Signature 8x10 autos

These are some of the $1 per card pickups I got at the recent card show. These are 1997 Leaf Signature 8x10 autographs. Check out the gallery below and see at the bottom what awesome card I picked up for only $1.

The next two were my favorite! Rodney Hampton is one of my all-time favorite Giants!

And here it is...the motherload of $1 finds..a Darrell Green autograph! High Book value of $60-$90!! And its short printed as well!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

25 Cent Card Show Pickups

These are only SOME of the pickups I got for 25 cents starts now:

Donovan McNabb Donruss Prefferred Rookie, Amani Toomer Leaf Certified rookie and Brandon Stokley Playoff Momentum rookie (one of 3 I found)

Donald Driver, Brian Urlacher x2, Charles Woodson, Ricky Williams, Daunte Culpepper, Champ Bailey x2 rookies

Always loved these!

2 nobodies..but 25 cent autos..can't go wrong!

Some of the inserts I landed of top players. This group consists of $10-$15 BV inserts of Dan Marino, Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders

4 out of 6 Allen Iverson rookies

2 Magglio Ordonez and 2 Mike Lowell rookies

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The "Card Show"

Well, it had been 16 years or more since we have had a local card show...but this past weekend..there was one. me...I wouldn't have called it that. There was only one person set up. It was stuff older than the 2000's due to the fact it was left over stuff from the shop and that the person no longer collects. And the some of the stuff was overpriced in today's world and some of it wasn't in the best condition either. So to say it, it was a little disappointing.

However, due to some of it being older..there were some deals to be found. And we will be posting the deals and pickups all week. One of which was a great pickup for $1.

We had posted on Facebook this question but we will post it on this post as well...why do you think Card Shows and Card Shops are dying off? Is it the internet? is it the hobby dying off? What are your thoughts/

Sport Card Collectors 2012 NFL Preview: AFC West

There is just something about the NFL that makes it my favorite sport. Don't get me wrong, I do watch baseball time to time. And a little basketball. I am not much of a hockey, racing, golf or bowling (other than playing it) person. The NFL is the only sport I can sit and watch an entire game of anymore.  I don't know if its because I played it or grew up watching it...but I love the game. And because of this with the NFL season upcoming and the start of the preseason is soon...I thought I would share my opinions of how I think the divisions will break down and who will win each.
I will be breaking down 2 divisions a week up until the start of the season. Today's is the AFC West and here is how I think it will go down: (note: these are in order of how we think they will finish and what their records will be)


 What can we say…Denver made the biggest splash this off season signing possibly the best free agent of all-time in QB Peyton Manning. They also let go well known and fan favorite QB Tim Tebow to the Jets to make room for Manning. Peyton comes to an offense that has some young talented WR’s. Andre Caldwell, Eric Decker (who is having an awesome training camp with Manning), Demaryius Thomas (who made that great catch and run to beat the Steelers in last years AFC Wild Card game) and some familiar faces to Manning in Brandon Stokley and TE Jacob Tamme. Denver also provides Manning with something he hasn’t had before…a running game with Willis McGahee who looked like his young self last season. This is an offense that could potentially move the ball up and down the field. If Manning plays like his old self, he can turn no name WR’s into big name stars.

On defense, John Fox has a ton of weapons. Elvis Dumervil and 2ndyear guy Von Miller provide quiet a pass rush. In the secondary he has veteran CB Champ Bailey and now newly acquired CB Tracy Porter who most remember for his interception for a TD against Manning (when he was playing for the Colts) in the Super Bowl. This defense could be as dominate as Pittsburgh’s and Baltimore in the AFC.

Overall, this is a team built to win. They finally have a QB. A good running game. A tough defense and play in the AFC West. As long as Manning plays like the Peyton Manning we are accustomed to, this team could make a Super Bowl run.


 Kansas City made some moves this off season. Keeping interim coach Romeo Crennel who brought this team some hope and beat the undefeated Packers last season and adding RB Peyton Hillis and TE Kevin Boss to their offense. Once again, pressure is on Matt Cassel to get the job done. Along with the above new weapons, he still has WR’s Jon Baldwin, Steve Breaston, TE Tony Moeaki who returns from an injury and RB Jamaal Charles who is a speed demon. This offense should be able to move the ball if Cassel gets the job done.

On defense, Crennel has some pieces in place despite losing their top corner Brandon Carr to Dallas. They have DT Glenn Dorsey, CB Brandon Flowers, pass rushing LB Tamba Hali who can play all over the field, FS Eric Berry makes his return from injury and could easily be the best safety in the game if he can advoid injuries, and a new weapon in rookie DT Dontrai Poe.

Overall, there is hope this year in Kansas City. The offense is much improved. The defense should be decent. And playing in a division where anyone can win will help them. But I still don’t trust Cassel. I think if they had another QB this team could and would be in position to win the division.


 Norv Turner still remains San Diego’s coach despite many thinking he would have been gone by now.  Phillip Rivers comes in to this season after an up and down 2011. He is missing top WR threat Vincent Jackson who left in free agency but San Diego did their best to replace him by signing Robert Meacham and Eddie Royal. He still has WR’s Malcolm Floyd and Vincent Brown and of course one of the NFL’s best TE’s in Antonio Gates. RB Ryan Mathews returns at RB and should have a better season if he can stay healthy.

On defense, there is some talent. LB’s Shaun Phillips and Takeo Spikes are a great combo in the front 7 and in the back they have very talented FS Eric Weddle and CB Antoine Cason. If the Chargers can find a way to rush the passer, their defense could be decent.

Overall, no matter how the defense turns out…the offense will score points and keep them in games. I don’t expect this team to make the playoffs in a improving division where most of the teams are equal and I don’t expect next season Norv Turner to be back.


 This is a team that year in and year out come close to making the playoffs and this will be another one of those seasons. QB Carson Palmer comes back again as their starter. He has fast and talented WR’s of Jacoby Ford and Darrius Heyward-Bey. And RB’s Darren McFadden and new back up RB Mike Goodson. The Raiders also have 2ndyear RB Taiwan Jones there as well. Palmer should feel more at home this season and if RB Darren McFadden can stay healthy..this team could be good on offense.

On defense, there is not a lot of talent there. They lost some players in the past 2 off seasons but are starting to rebuild. Roland McClain is a great start and is a tough LB. Speaking of LB, they got Aaron Curry last year for next to nothing and if he can ever play like he did in college that would drastically change my opinion of this defense. The biggest star remains in the secondary in safety Michael Huff.

Overall, another season at the bottom of the division is expected despite a winning record. This team just needs some more pieces on defense and another WR before they can start to move up.

What do you guys think of my predictions? Did I rank a team too high? Too low? Give me your thoughts!