Saturday, September 15, 2012

Random Cards Of The Day: Random Panini Hockey Card

  The hockey season may be in limbo...but hockey cards live on with Panini America!! What do you think will happen to hockey card values if the NHL is locked out the entire season?

Recent Findings: MTV Yo Raps!

Last week, we were given 2 boxes of random cards from a relative. The boxes contained opened and unopened cards mostly non-sport from a variety of years. We thought we would break down our findings and share them with our fans!!

These are kinda unique and when busted look like this:

Item image 

Probably not the most valuable cards in the world since most sealed boxes range in price from $10-$20 per box. But you have got a appreciate a set that is dedicated to rap singers of the 90's.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Card Of The Day: RG3 Panini Score Pepsi Rookie Of The Week card

2012 Pepsi NFL Week 1 ROW 1 

Pepsi Max and Panini are partnering up for Pepsi Rookie of the Week again this year and I for one will be participating. Its a lot of fun to be able to vote for your favorite rookies that week to win and you get a great gallery of cards to view and not to mention a shot a prizes from Panini America!!

Here is the link for more info:

By the way, this is who we voted for this week!

1 pack pickup of Topps Platinum football: 5 cards in pack instead of 4!

Grabbed a pack of Topps Platinum Football retail off from a shelf just to try. Got the pack home and realized it felt pretty thick for a 4 card pack. Opened it up and started going through the cards and then got to the second to last card and realized there was another card in the pack stuck to the back of the Doug Martin card...couldn't have asked for a better card (other than a auto or memorablilia) than a RG3 Topps Platinum rookie card. That was a great pack.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Card Of The Day: Upper Deck World Of Sports Ned Crotty Lacrosse Apparel

One of the more unique cards in my collection...its unique to my collection being the only lacrosse card and having a piece of memorabilia in it as well.

Sport Card Collectors Week 2 picks

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  • Monday, September 17th

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Random Card Of The Day: Totally Certified Quad Jersey card including Eli Manning/Aaron Rodgers

This is one of my favorite cards in my collection. My first Aaron Rodgers jersey card. Of coures Eli. But the design and the 4 great Super Bowl Winning qb's makes it one of my faves.

Recent Findings Part 1: Batman, Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid boxes

Last week, we were given 2 huge boxes of random cards from a relative. The boxes contained opened and unopened cards mostly non-sport from a variety of years. We thought we would break down our findings and share them with our fans!!

These are 4 sealed boxes of kids product..we also received a few sets of each of these, excluding Batman, as well.

Here are what some of the cards would look like if opened:

  Item image  

For now we will keep them sealed...something to remember these classic movies and shows by.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Baseball Rookie Cards: The Confusion

Football, Basketball and hockey cards all have obvious and distinguished rookie cards. You can tell which are which, what rookie year counts for the player, and the word rookie means something on them. However, the same cannot be said for baseball cards in my opinion.

The three cards above are obvious rookie cards from their respected sports from the right years. However, baseball throws around the words rookie, prospect and use different years with those words. It makes it very frustrating especially for newbies.

Now whether you are a seasoned veteran of collecting or a can get very confusing in telling what is what. To me a rookie card is the first time the player is on card board in a base card set. So by looking at the 3 years worth or Bryce Harper...I would call the 2012 Topps Chrome the rookie card. The other two I consider inserts. Which is what the Beckett calls it. So the rookie card logo works than can still get cards with the rookie card logo that are not real rookies. I am confused just typing this!!!

Some collectors, to clear up some confusion, call all three rookie cards. I cannot agree with them. There used to be an easier time with baseball rookie cards. They used to be in the base set only once and one year (except some exclusions like Barry Bonds -86,87 and a couple others) and called rookies. Bowman and Bowman Chrome used to include these type of prospect/rookie cards in their base card sets so they were considered real rookies. So it wasn't hard to figure out. Now they are in multiple years, products, and inserts. And most call them all rookie cards.

In my opinion the "rookie card" of baseball needs to be fixed. I do like the rookie card logo. I say if you want to make a prospect card of a player, instead of making a whole insert series on it, you put the prospect card of the player into the base set and put the rookie logo on it. And only produce the card that once as a rookie. You can still use the prospect name, but just put the rookie logo on it and it would officially be his rookie card. Do not use prospect or the rookie card logo the following year even if the player doesn't make it to the majors. JUST ONCE. He was already on cardboard as a rookie. This will help the baseball card hobby and also help newbie collectors as well know that they actually have the rookie card of that player.

Rookie card issues is the biggest reason I stepped away some from baseball card collecting. You buy the products, it has the rookie card logo on it, then you get the newest issue of Beckett and its not a rookie. Completely frustrating!!! I always think to myself, "YES!! that so and so player is doing great!! Glad I got his rookie"..only to find out I didn't..grrrr.

So please just make one rookie/prospect card of the player and I believe it will clear up a lot of confusion on the rookie card front. That would bring me back to the baseball card hobby and possibly fix the rookie card issues.

What do you guys think of my idea? Do you have a better one? Or do you like whats in place already?