Saturday, December 1, 2012

Latest Cards To My PC!

Piece of Super Bowl 36 Ticket stub on the back. Some of the most coolest cards.

 Love both of these cards so don't try to make me a trade offer lol. Acquired these for obvious reasons. NY Giants, sweet patch and a Super Bowl Ticket stub above with Isaac Bruce. Unique memorabilia. Both of these cards will be added to my growing PC. Thanks for looking and comments on both of these are always welcomed!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

You Voted, We announce the results! Your thoughts on the Card Companies

We posted votes that took place for a week and we asked that you all participate. Well here are the results and findings from the votes. Seems that outside of Topps and Panini there is no other competition.

Your Favorite Card Company Is?

Out of 27 votes....

Panini 11 votes

Topps 11 votes

Upper Deck 5 votes

Press Pass 0 votes  


Card Company With The Best Bang (or Mojo) for your Buck(s)?

Out of 24 votes....

Panini 10 votes

Topps 10 votes

Upper Deck 3 votes

Press Pass 1 votes  


Card Company with the Best Use Of Social Media?

Out of 25 votes....

Panini 12 votes

Topps 8 votes

Upper Deck 5 votes

Press Pass 0 votes  


Card Company With The Best Overall Product?

 Out of 23 votes...

Panini 10 votes

Topps 8 votes

Upper Deck 5 votes

Press Pass 0 votes  


Card Company With The Best Promo's?

 Out of 20 votes...

Panini 12 votes

Topps 4 votes

Upper Deck 4 votes

Press Pass 0 votes  


Card Company With The Best Customer Service? 

 Out of 20 votes....

Panini 12 votes

Topps 5 votes

Upper Deck 5 votes

Press Pass 0 votes 


So I guess this leads us to ask..what should the other two companies that we put on this list (Upper Deck and Press Pass) do to fix things and gain more votes? And why didn't you vote on them?

It is in our opinion that Press Pass was low voted for because of their lack of licensing. They have pretty good customer service and they run some great promos on their Facebook page however don't really use Twitter to their advantage.

As for Upper Deck who might have at one point dominated this voting the lack of pro licensing, the customer service being not as strong as it used to be, and not as many giveaways as the top two companies could be some of the reasons. Their products still seem to be strong. But this is only our opinion and we would like to hear yours as well!

Next up, we are taking a poll vote on why you buy what you buy with another 6 or so questions. Hopefully our opinions and polls will help the card companies with what they need to work on. This poll will be taken down the road and we will keep you informed. Your participation is much welcomed!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

REVIEW: Topps Chrome Football 2012

This is the box that we won from Topps. Not only is it one of my personal favorites...I know I seem to use that term a lot..but its really truly used here. Just such a great product and 2012 may be the best ever!!

Embedded image permalink
Hobby Box design
Box Breakdown:
  • 24 Packs Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack
  • Look for (1) Autograph Card Per Box!
  • Around $105 a Hobby box but watch for that number to go up as the popularity does!


BASE CARDS: What can I say..I love em! Anything with a chrome You would think with my love of chrome I would love cars as well..but to be honest I can't even do an oil change ;) This is something I would put a base set together of. The rookie cards are my most sought after and my favorite. Our box proved to be very rookieful. On average we believe you are supposed to get one rookie per pack. We got over 35 rookies in this box! All of the great ones except Luck and Richardson. It would take a lot of boxes to get a base set. You don't get many base cards, though no duplicates, you still don't get enough with all of the parallels and inserts you get in a box.

1:12 ODDS

1:24 ODDS

1:6 ODDS






1:24 ODDS
INSERTS: Loaded with inserts and tons of refractors to choose from this product has a lot to chase. And with all of them having can put together many different variation sets. Fun chase to say the least. And they look real nice!

Embedded image permalink
1:2,077 ODDS
AUTOGRAPH CARDS:Only one hit per box..and this was it. Though not the best player..gotta play behind Peyton Manning for the next 5 years before even getting a shot..this was a tough low numbered pull # to 25. These usually do well on the market in terms of sales.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Go get some! From the base cards, to inserts, to refractors and the fact its loaded with rookies. Whether you buy a retail box (one jersey card on average) or a hobby box..value is here. You will always most of the time get a lot more than you spent on the product which is why I believe year in and year out Chrome is so popular. If my rating scale could be fixed..I would give it all 6's

RATINGS:  Bloggers Note: Our ratings are based specifically on the blaster, box or packs we opened and do not express what the overall product could bring. Ratings based on a 1-5. 1 Being the lowest and 5 being the highest.
                Packaging: 5
                Base Design: 5
                Insert Design: 5
                Memorablila/Autographs: 5
                Blaster, Hobby Box, or Pack Value: 5

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

eBay Pickup

Recently bought this lot off from eBay. Was a mixture of sports and came with 2 jersey cards. Most importantly some of the money paid for the lot went to a good cause so couldn't go wrong with it. I like to help out as many causes as I can whether in big or little ways. And the cards were just a bonus.

Handful of commons including Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Marshall Faulk among others

Best basketball rookie

Liked finding the Seau, Alstott, and Bledsoe rookies

This was the best of the best. John Kruk, Dave Righetti, Harold Baines and Kirk Gibson rookies.

Not bad jersey card in Curry. And no thats not Sanchez..thats the infamous Clemens
Overall didn't think it was a bad buy. With some of the proceeds going to a great cause and the cost of the lot around $20 I would probably take the chance again. You never know what you can find. My favorite find out of this lot has to be the Kirk Gibson rookie.

What were your thoughts on my lot pickup? Do you take chances on these types of eBay lots sometimes?

Monday, November 26, 2012

5 most EPIC cards you have got to own!

Here is a list of five cards we feel that every collector needs in their collection. We personally only have one of the top 5. The Griffey Jr. But who would not want some these in their collection. These are the most talked about, valuable, collector centerpieces that need to be in your collection. And ours too of course...

1993 Upper Deck SP Foil Derek Jeter Rookie Card #279 New York Yankees
Hall Of Famer
5. Derek Jeter Sp 1993 Rookie Card

Why this was chosen...Not only is it a greatly designed card, it has been on the Beckett hot list multiple times as the most wanted and most valuable rookie card of Jeter. These cards are also hard to find in great condition due to the foil cardboard. And of course the player is another reason. Not bad to have a top rookie card of a future Hall of Fame Shortstop who has won multiple World Series Championships among other awards.
An honest hitter who didn't use steroids to put up big numbers.
4. 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Rookie Card

Why this was chosen... This card is called by us the most iconic card in Upper Deck history and its also the one that started it all for Upper Deck. When I was young, you didn't have a collection without this card. And it didn't matter even if you didn't collect baseball cards... this was the card you had to have. Sales and value have dropped due to his injury prone ending to his career, but he is still way up on the all-time home run list, probably if not been injured conquered 3,000 hits and did it the honest way during a time of huge steroid use.

1979 Topps Wayne Gretzky Rookie #18
The Best Hockey Player Of All Time
  3. 1979-1980 Wayne Gretzky O-Pee Chee Rookie Card

Why this was chosen... Once again. "The Great One" A Hall Of Fame player and by far the best hockey player of all-time. He is the leading pointscorer in NHL history who has the most assists than any other player has points. Not to mention that he is the only NHL player to total over 200 points in one season and he not only did that once..he did it FOUR times!! This is a must have for any hockey collector and collector in general. His name is well known and this card is still very popular now. Just go check out the buying prices for it.

Michael Jordan Hall of Fame Box-100 Cards+1986 Fleer Rookie RP ! LE# $100 !
No one will ever do or bring what this guy did and brought to the NBA
 2. 1986/1987 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie

Why this was chosen... You would be crazy to say you don't want this rookie card. I was a Knicks fan and seeing Jordan play against them and winning multiple championships made me cringe..but my wanting of owning this card has never changed.

Michael Jordan was one crazy man on the court and you knew you were in trouble if his tongue was hanging out...that mean you were or was about to be dunked on. He has stats, championships and play that has never or will never be seen again. Sorry LeBron.

1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle NY Yankees HOF ROOKIE RC SGC 80 graded a 6 
One word for this card...ICONIC
And the number one.....the one and only 1952 Mickey Mantle card. It doesn't get and more EPIC than this card. And it doesn't need an explanation why its at the top..just look at it and try not to drool and want it for your collection. You would have to go get yourself checked if you don't.

What do you think of our top 5? Is there one you would have substituted? Is there one you would have moved up or down?