Monday, May 13, 2013

Blog Changes

As you can see since our last monthly contest we held some changes have been made on here. We eliminated some of the discussion tabs due to lack of interest. But we have kept others. Other changes that have been made is Random Card Of The Day and Ken Griffey Jr. Cards Of The Week have left. Previews have left in terms of the word preview, we now post those as articles as you have recently seen in the Momentum Football post. We thought it would make for a better post to get more into it.

We have been trying to incorporate more Tips on Collecting as well. Giving you tips and showing you ways to collect.

So here is what we got for topics on here still:
  • PREVIEWS (done article style)
  • FANdom Card Of The Day
  • Tips On Collecting
  • Mail Days
  • Game Day Recipes
  • Opinion Stories
  • Our Monthly Contest Daily Posts
Not all of these are seen all of the time. Some are done randomly when we have the information to provide.

Some new ones we are considering are:
  • Design Police (giving thoughts on old and new cardboard designs)
  • NPN Addresses (we got this suggestion from a fan. Maybe if we get a address from some packs we will post the NPN address to mail them to)
  • Sports Opinons (discussing sports that are happening right now)
  • Panini America Card Of The Day (showcasing a Panini card we have whether its an insert, base card or autograph or memorabilia card)
Now the new ones might or might not happen. These are just thoughts we are having. As always we enjoy feedback from our fans on what you think and what you guys would like to see us do on here. What do you want to read more of or see more of? Let us know!

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