Sunday, May 5, 2013

Countdown to Panini's Father's Day Promo 2013 Begins!

As most know, I am a fan of what Panini America has been doing. And one of my favorite things is their special promotions such as Black Friday and one thats coming up soon in Father's Day. Without an LCS nearby its hard to participate in these promotions at one but luckily last year I was able to participate when I was on vacation (I must also note that there is an online component)

My review of last years promo of the packs I broke can be found here:

Yesterday Panini revealed some of the base cards (can't wait til they reveal the autographs and memorabilia for this set as well) for this years 44 card set and I am impressed. Panini took classic themes from when I had first started collecting and brought them back for 2013. This really makes me sit back and think about the times I collected with my dad. And I think these designs will do that and that was the plan for this years set by Panini. Whether you were a son or daughter collecting with your dad, or a dad collecting with your son or daughter these designs should bring up those classic collecting memories.

Studio Posey

Who didn't have some Studio cards in their collection? This was always unique since the card is all about the player and not so much the field. Its almost like a year book photo on cardboard. I remember trying to complete the set and display them in an album. Makes me want to go and find them now....

Panini America Team Pinnacle Harper 

Dual sided Team Pinnacle returns bringing you back two stars on a piece of cardboard. Brought me back to when I pulled a Ken Griffey Jr version once and thought I had won a million dollars. Still gives me shivers as it was one of my favorite insert pulls for awhile when I was a kid.

Panini America Museum Brett 

And who could ever forget Museum Collection. I do wish these were done in the Dufex technology however since thats the way I remember them but I am still very impressed with the design done here. 

Whether young or old, this years Fathers Day set should help give you the extra boost to get out to your LCS and participate (or at least participate in the online version). Not to mention you can use Fathers Day as leverage for why you are buying extra boxes or packs of cards that day.


  1. How do you participated in the online version?

    1. I believe you go to their main website and make purchases there. Details on this years online are not out yet but I assume they will come soon. I also believe there are certain products you must buy. I will put more details up when I get them. Its definitely a worthwhile promo to try and get involved in.