Monday, May 27, 2013

Tips On Collecting: Everything Else Card Sorting And Finale Notes

Bloggers Note: This is a bonus edition of a series of 4 Tips On Collecting Sorting edition. So technically it makes 5. Now remember, this is how I sort my cards. These tips are to give you some ideas on what you may want to do with your own collection and not what you have to do. Since I don't sell any cards and keep what I get, there is a lot to sort and this is how I break it all down.

It starts with a pack or two of NASCAR, Soccer, MMA, Wrestling, Golf, NASCAR, Big Bang Theory or many others. This is how I would break down all of them. These are on and off collections so these won't break down as much as the 4 main sports I collect.

For Non Sport Cards, for the most part they just go straight into a white box by number depending on what they are. The only exception is the Big Bang Theory. Those go into a binder. I love that show and obviously treasure the cards so they have a special place. If I happen to pull any hit, I put those into a top loader than into a tote of its own.

For MMA and wrestling, those actually go into a small binder by themselves. A lot of MMA cards have glimmer and shine and I think those look outstanding in a binder. So for me, those get a binder to themselves. The hits I get from these, meaning gear or autographs get placed into penny sleeves and top loaders or the 25 count boxes.

Golf, I take out the rookies, inserts and Tiger Woods and those get put into a binder. The rest I put by number into a white box along with the other sports. Soccer, i just take out the inserts and the rookies and put them into a binder with Golf. And the rest of them get put into a white box along with the other sports.

And finally for NASCAR, I take out the inserts and hits meaning material or autographs get placed into penny sleeves and top loaders or the 25 count boxes while placing the inserts into a binder of their own. The one thing I like about NASCAR cards is that Press Pass does great things with their innovations for the cards. So after the hits are taken out, I take all of the inserts and put them into a binder by themselves. The remaining cards get placed by number into the white boxes along with the other sports.

I also take all duplications out from these except for the rookies. The duplications I use at my yard sales for cheap to keep the hobby alive and the double inserts and some of the other stuff I use for giveaways on here.

All of these sports are on and off. I always have a place for cards and if I get the hankering to try a sport or product I will proceed with it (as long as the funds are there to do so) There are other odds and ends I collect as well but these ones stand out the most to talk about. My expansion into a more complete sorting of these sports may happen in the future once I get more so its a ways down as my focus will be on hockey first. But with these I might be pulling out more of the star players could be a possibility.

I also hope you have enjoyed this 5 part series (though marked 4) on sorting. I hope some of my sorting techniques helped you decide on a way you might want to organize your collection. Here are the other 4 parts if you missed them:





Also, one of the things I didn't post about is at one time we used to keep all of our Jersey cards and Autograph cards on a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. When I was doing that, I would type up what year, brand, player, card, number, and value. Then use Beckett every other month to progress the cards value up or down. After awhile of back-stocking a lot of jersey and auto cards and not getting it typed up we saw that time was against us so we quit this part of sorting.

Also, having to search for something isn't always a bad thing. All of our autograph and jersey card totes are marked by sport and its sometimes fun to make a travel into them to search for something you are looking for. You never know who you will find.

Let us know what other Tips On Collecting you would like to read about in comments below and let us know how you sort the cards we discussed above for everything else sorting.

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