Saturday, May 18, 2013

Upper Deck Brings Excitement To The Double Rookie Class

I sometimes scour different blogs, Twitter, or Facebook to find things that stand out to me or makes me think about a topic that I may not have discussed yet or in awhile. I use this strategy to sometime break writers block. As I scoured, I found this article that was re-tweeted by Upper Deck from another blog on Twitter and it got me thinking that I haven't talked hockey cards in awhile:

So I thought what better time than the Stanley Cup playoffs and an upcoming hockey card season with twice the rookies. 

So far Panini has been quite on this front on next years products so far with the double rookie class as I think their main focus at this point finishing up the rest of their 2012 card releases, but from what I have witnessed this week so far, Upper Deck on the other hand is really bringing the excitement. Other than them posting videos all over Twitter from themselves and others and re-tweeting other peoples blog posts or site posts,  I think I have also seen about 3 articles from them on their own personal blog of recently including this one just posted the other day:

If you are interested in the other two they are here after I searched for them:

The excitement is so high for Upper Deck for next year’s double rookie NHL class I keep waiting for an 80's type video with fireworks and smoke then out of the cloud of smoke appears Upper Deck’s marketing man Chris Carlin showing off a Double Rookie Class tattoo that looks like this:


So with all of this Upper Deck excitement got me to excited am I about the upcoming double rookie class season? I would say I am excited. Though, I must admit, not as excited as I was about the double NBA class since I collect basketball a little more than hockey. But this hobby is built on rookie cards and next season's hockey card releases gives us twice the chance to get them and I might be right there trying to score some.

When it comes to hockey, I don't  buy big time. Usually base brands like Score and Upper Deck is where I sit on a yearly basis. I like those products, especially Upper Deck since the Young Guns are always the hottest rookies out on the market, cause they are built around rookies and there is a ton of rookies in the products to find. Not to mention they are cost efficient usually running between $.99-$3.99 a pack.

Even though I am not into hockey as much as I once was, like I posted above, I do love rookie cards from any sport and if I can get them double time, I might buy into this excitement that Upper Deck is bringing for next year. And I would say that it is a great time to star collecting hockey cards if you haven't yet. And it to me sounds like from this excitement, that Upper Deck is a great place to start.

Some of the things in the articles above Upper Deck is promising about their 2013-2014 products is less redemptions and more autograph content in packs from rookies who skated this year. They also are planning on some cards with Team Canada in their Olympic year. Not to mention, they also point out their exclusive autograph deals with the Great One Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr. And then there is the list of rookies who will most likely find themselves on cardboard next year Yakupov (I know I am going to definitely look for this guy), Huberdeau,Seth Jones, Gallagher, Grigorenko, Granlund, Hamilton, MacKinnon, Galchenyu to name a few.

I think what Upper Deck is doing with their NHL cards is a good thing for the hobby. Why not bring the excitement early?  Why not cause a ruckus to catch our attention? Why not try to expand the hobby to get more hockey card collectors?  Why not get this blogger to finally write about hockey cards for the first time in awhile? Seems they have a lot going for their upcoming products and I would say out of all of the years that its probably a great time to start collecting hockey cards or start collecting them again. Less redemptions, more rookies, can't go wrong.

Maybe with a double rookie card class next year it will spark me to do more articles on hockey cards. We will have to see. But for now we have got to ask, how excited are you about next seasons Double Rookie Class? Are you Upper Deck excited?

Let us know your thoughts below!

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  1. So excited for the new rookie class! I have been following Upper Deck on Twitter and Facebook and I can't wait to get my hands on those rookie cards!

    PS: Loved the 80's video idea!