Friday, June 14, 2013

BCW Joins Sport Card Collectors

Yesterday we were contacted by a rep from BCW Supplies on Twitter about joining forces. We also began to email each other back and forth and today I am proud to announce BCW is apart of the Sport Card Collectors friends/sponsors list as you may have already noticed.

BCW was founded in 1983 and their headquarters is in Anderson, Indiana USA. In the last 25 years, BCW has been manufacturing high quality products designed to store, protect, and display, our valuable collectibles. And for us collectors, we know that we only want the best for our collection. I know I do anyways.
BCW Supplies

This is also why starting next week or the week after I will be reviewing some of their great products for our cards. I want you to know what to buy and if it stands up to par. I already use their Pro 9-Pocket Pages as they are the best ones I have EVER USED (you will find out why when I review them)!

Here is a list of items I will be reviewing:
  1. (100 pages) Pro 9-Pocket Page
  2. Magnetic Card Holder - .065mm
  3. 1.5mm Thick Toploaders,
  4. 2mm Thick Toploaders,
  5. 2.75mm Thick Toploaders
  6. 3.5mm Thick Toploaders,
  7. 5mm Thick Toploaders,
  8. 7mm Thick Toploaders
As always give you my honest thoughts on the products and how effective they will be to you.

And of course adding a new friend to our list always means a giveaway. So later on this year sometime in August/September we will be joining in on a SWEET GIVEAWAY with them. So keep your eyes out for that.

So in the meantime as a way to welcome our new friends go follow BCW on Twitter HERE and check out their website HERE.You can also look them up on Facebook HERE. And let us know in comments if you have ever tried their products and your thoughts on them. Or just leave a comment welcoming them :)


  1. They're compensating you to review their products? No bias there...

  2. No real compensation. Most of the supplies we receive we may use as giveaways or use to put giveaways in.we are not getting paid. And will give an honest opinion. Not goin to recommend something we dont believe in

  3. Nice, I use a lot of their product.