Monday, June 3, 2013

Fan PC Rainbow of DeMarcus Ware: Jonathon Meads Six month Journey to perfection

We were contacted a little while back by Jonathon about his great Rainbow of DeMarcus Ware from Topps Chrome 2012 and how he wanted to share it with us and you guys. At that time he was waiting for one piece to come in and the other day it did so. So he contacted us with an article and a picture. To be honest, we hadn't seen a complete rainbow before and this was quite exciting for someone to share this with us and to also want to share it on our blog. Well, after a couple of days we are finally excited to share this with you guys with a write up that he put together about his collection that is a great read as well.

My Six month Journey to perfection
By Jonathon Mead
"Let me start this by saying I have only been in the hobby since February of 2012. This year was a learning curve for me. Not knowing many products or who I wanted to collect. That all changed in November, on November 16th 2012 I pulled the 2012 Topps Chrome DeMarcus ware Superfractor 1/1. Now as a cowboys fan I instantly was torn, try and sell the card or make the rainbow. I chose to try and sell or trade it originally. Had an offer from a person I won’t include any dollar amounts or cards to be traded. I will just say it was a substantially good offer. Torn on what to do I decided I was going to complete the rainbow. That was two weeks before Christmas of 2012 on Christmas. My uncle helped me get the few cards we could from eBay. I traded a 2012 chrome variation Auto of Brock oswieler for the red/25. On December 26th2012 I had a conversation with my uncle about the printing plates as two had sold and two were yet to be pulled, as far as I knew. Well he told me it would be impossible to complete the 4 plates to my rainbow. In response I just had one thing to say “challenge accepted” from that day on I searched eBay and messaged the two owners of the plates. One of them sold me the black printing plate for the cheapest I would pay for any of the plates. Then came on eBay that I picked up for substantially higher the third came a few weeks later from a guy on Blowout cards forums, And finally the 4th plate. On 5/29/13 I finally convinced the owner of the plate I won’t say his name or the trade I will just say that thanks to him I completed a trade and the plate was incoming as of that date. Six months and 3 days after I started my challenge my goal of perfection came to an end. As I am writing this I am thinking of my next challenge in the hobby and I am not sure what it will be but I know without a challenge what is the point of a hobby?  Thanks for taking the time to read this and I’m looking forward to showcasing my future cards and challenges with you.."
We would love to hear your feedback on Jonathon's big accomplishment and if you have something like this to share with us...feel free to contact us with a picture and a writeup like the one above about your collection.

We would like to thank Jonathon also for sharing this amazing collection with us.

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