Sunday, June 23, 2013

Winner Of June's Monthly Contest

Congrats to Miami Vice  for winning June's Contest. It was a long tough one, but we did have a winner and a comeback again. Please email us your address to with your address and we will try to get that out to you soon.

On another note, thanks to everyone who participated in June. But sadly, the monthly contests are going to RIP for good. With decline in participation and time consumption are some of the reasons. Not to mention we DID NOT hit 25 participants even once. The interest in this contest just doesn't seem to be there anymore. We don't know if its too lengthy, if people forget to enter, or what it may be but we averaged 17-23 participants on average. We spent the last two weeks, even on vacation, deciding where to go on this topic and finally late last night decided it was time just to let it go for good.

However, with this being said, there are still a lot of giveaways coming up. We have been saving out NFL prizes for the possible return of the 2013 Player Of The Day Promotion right here on this blog and this year we are planning to outdo last years and hoping to in participation as well. If you were not here last year, look up Player Of The Day in our search blog and see some of the great prizes that were handed out. Pretty much everyone who participated got a prize.

Not to mention, as long as Panini gives us boxes to review, you will be awarded as well. Once again, make sure you say thank you to them. So instead of monthly contests, we have decided to do creative sports related contests similar to the monthly one. Just not a months worth to get the prize or prizes. When we do a contest here and there, it will keep your attention and YOU WILL DECIDE if you win or not by selecting the right answers. We are not a fan of randoming winners. Though some of those contests may need to be randomed under some cirucumstances. We will try hard not to have to use that process. There will be prize, prizes, and sometimes prize lots up for grabs!!

We will also have a monthly prize to giveaway from our friends at Jammin JDcards along with a prize from BCW Supplies as well in August/September. So stay tuned to Sport Card Collectors, cause other than useful insight information, honest opinions on the hobby, great can find nice contests as well.

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