Saturday, July 20, 2013

FORGOTTEN: 2001 Quantum Leaf Football

Here is our NEW segment on Sport Card Collectors. This segment is not about the players per say, its more about the cards and design. We will focus our efforts on bringing you brands you may have forgotten about over time. Sports for these products will include basketball, football and baseball products.


With base cards with such appeal as the shine starburst,  I am surprised that Quantum Leaf didn't carry over for more than a couple of years.This could have been a product easily off from our Forgotten series list. 

The outstanding look, other than the starburst rainbow shine shine, is the the lack of border and added photography to these base cards makes them even more appealing.

Key rookies from the 2001 set are Chris Chambers, Reggie Wayne, Deuce McAllister, Santana Moss, Drew Brees, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Rudi Johnson. Three of these rookies in which will be Hall Of Famers one day.

Hobby boxes had 24 packs per box and 5 cards per pack. There were a number of inserts to find as well.

Let us know if you remember this classic and one that we had Forgotten about but still enjoy.

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