Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hobby Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list for something. This is my hobby bucket list. These are 5 Things I Would like to accomplish in the hobby know.

Some of these I don't know if I will ever accomplish. But maybe. A collector can dream can't they?

Starting off number 5 on the list...Own An Eli Manning Autograph. Been wanting one for years. Can't really afford one and trading isn't really my thing. So hopefully down the road pack pulling after many years will land me one. He is one of my favorite Giants players and having an autograph of the two-time Super Bowl MVP would be a great addition to my collection.

Number 4 on my list is to own a Michael Jordan Rookie Card. Come on, its obvious. The guys the best ever in basketball. Despite being a Knicks fan and dreading having to see him play my team and win all of the time I have come to a realization that he's just unbeatable and a must have to anyone's collection. I will also add a '52 Mantle to number 4. Iconic card.

Number 3 leads me to wanting to open up a case of cards. I have never done it. I can barely afford a box sometimes. So opening a case would be a dream come true. Sort of why I pushed to win the one that Topps was giving away so badly about a month ago. I would have given a box to one of you guys, but wasn't a winner. Just to had won it and opened most of it was enough for me. Hopefully someday this can be crossed off from this list.

Number 2 is visiting Panini America. Would love to chill with the guys I always interact with on Twitter and finally meeting them in person.Not to mention, taking a tour of a card company has got to be up on this list as well. I wanna see the piece of cardboard I collect from start to finish on how its made.

And Number 1, by far the most important of them all and one I am sure ALL collectors would agree with....landing on a card yourself. I would love to be on a piece of cardboard and finding myself in packs. Or seeing others collecting me. And if I had to choose, I would include my blog as part of it. You know something like Top Blogger or Rookie Blogger Of The Year type of thing.

Let me know your thoughts on my bucket list and what you would put onto yours.


  1. mrblu1976@aol.comJuly 27, 2013 at 5:53 PM

    Does Panini even offer tours?

  2. Great topic/post!

    I have a few memorabilia related:
    - Chipper Jones autographed ball
    - Hank Aaron autographed ball
    - Lebron James signed jersey

  3. Number one is that i gotta find a T207 Hoff, its the last card i need to complete a Yankee team run of T205, T206, and T207 tobacco cards and i check every day and there is never one up on Ebay or anywhere else. Second would be to get to another National card show, i went to two, in 1986 and 1990, and havent been to one since. Third would be (and i only put this third because i know it will never happen, too expensive, this is really number one), to get a Babe Ruth autographed baseball in decent shape.