Friday, July 19, 2013

Prizm 2013-2014 Hockey..Wow!!

In September the tease we saw of Prizm Hockey back in Rookie Anthology comes to full bloom in its own product. Prizm Hockey 13-14 hobby boxes come packed  with two autographs, at least two Prizm parallels and 20 Rookie Cards in every 20-pack hobby box.

2013-14 Prizm Hockey Stamkos 

2013-14 Prizm Hockey Yakupov 
I really like the added color to the base cards. This will greatly improve their appeal.

2013-14 Prizm Hockey Ovechkin 
Prizms..its all about the chase..the rainbows of your favorite player!

2013-14 Prizm Hockey Huberdeau 

2013-14 Prizm Hockey Crosby 
I also like the additions of die-cuts. Who doesn't like die-cuts

Prizm will also feature three levels of autographs as well as hobby exclusive Orange Die-Cut Prizms (numbered to 50), Gold Prizms (numbered to 10) and Finite Black Prizms (numbered to only one).

But with this product as with the past ones, there is a retail chase for retail versions of the product by including Green Prizm parallels in retail configurations, Red and Red Pulsar Prizms for Target, and Blue and Blue Pulsar Prizms for Walmart

Let's hear your thoughts on 2013-2014 Prizm hockey with not only its first time release, but being released during #paninisdoublerookieclass.

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