Friday, July 12, 2013

Prizm is looking good for 2013 Baseball

Panini brought excitement to collecting with Prizm in 2012 and now have announced the popular brand will be released in 2013. The product is slated to arrive on September 18 and has all of the "Prizm" parallels that drew us all to the product in its rookie release.

2013 Prizm Baseball Strasburg Base 

I am totally digging the look of this years base cards. I like the added color. It was the only issue I had with last years products. Kudos to Panini for listening to its collectors and fans for improving upon it.

2013 Prizm Baseball Puig 

Of course any baseball product that comes out rest of the year will have to have this guy in it to be successful Here is Panini's new rookie insert of him called Rookie Challengers. I really like the design here.

Other new inserts include Band of Brothers, Top Prospects, Fearless, Superstar Spotlight and the return of USA Baseball, with Prizm parallel versions of each.

2013 Prizm Baseball Strasburg Gold 
 Of course Prizm isn't Prizm without the parallels. They are some of the hottest cards on the market!
This year there is base Prizms, Gold Prizms, Black Finite Prizms and the introduction of hobby-only Orange Die-Cut Prizms and more are retail-exclusive Green Prizms, Walmart-exclusive Blue Prizms and Target-exclusive Red Prizms. There is plenty to chase here.

2013 Prizm Baseball Piazza 

And then comes the autographs. Another nice piece that closes up a pretty solid product. Panini has also said this years checklist of base card players will be larger. That should make it even more interesting.

Let us know your thoughts on the early previews of Panini Prizm baseball 2013.

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