Friday, July 26, 2013

Retro Break: 1989 Topps Baseball

Recently went to my first flea market and found a bunch of deals. This only cost me $1a pack. I bought four packs because that's all they had. Believe me, would have gone for more!

Love to bust the classic wax.





Tried to put all of the best cards to be seen on top. The rest are well, you know. No good rookies were found in this break. Just a bunch of commons that will end up in another collectors hands at some point.

Griffey wasn't found in this product. He was in the traded series. However, Biggio, Johnson, Sheffield, and Smoltz

And yes, here's the gum. Maybe we should give it away...would you consider it a collectible?

Let us know your thoughts on this break!


  1. Griffey was in the Traded set only distributed only in factory set form. It would be impossible to pull that card in these packs. If you really paid $1 per pack, you got royally ripped off. You can buy 36-pack boxes for under 10 bucks each online.

    1. Thanks for catching that. I bought three different kinds of 1989 products that day. I copied and pasted each post to take less time. I am glad you caught my Griffey mistake on this one. I better check the other two before I publish them. I have Bowman and Upper Deck coming up next. Probably should had proof read it before I posted it. I know Griffey was in the traded set because I own it.

      Post is fixed now.

      And yes, I did pay $1 a pack.