Friday, July 26, 2013

Review: BCW Card Sorting Tray

This arrived yesterday. I think someone from BCW Supplies must have read my Sorting Series because this genius of a product is right up my alley.

As stated in my Sorting Series, you can find the series on the blog by searching Sorting, or maybe you already read them but you know I really sort when I bust a box or even a pack of cards. I have a pile for rookies, rookie inserts, star players, commons, inserts, my teams, and so on. This beautiful tray will help me BIG TIME in sorting cards. I usually have to make my piles on the table and at times they fall over causing me to having to re-sort them. Now, with this, I can place them into the slots. And there are plenty of them. Overall, the BCW Card Sorting tray holds 20 slots and 4 deep slots on the side. This thing is also much bigger than what I saw in previews of the item.


This is just an example of the card sorting. This isn't cards that I have sorted yet. As of now, I am caught up so my tray at this point is empty. But look how easy it is to use and how much room you have to sort your cards with.

If you sort cards like me, I truly recommend getting this nice tray. Or even if you don't, it will still come in handy to keep what you do sort separate. I can tell already that it's going to be a HUGE help the next time I make a card purchase.

To Find This Product And More Check Out The BCW Website:

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