Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review: BCW Magnetic Card Holder

I was very impressed upon opening this product up. The thickness is incredible. The protective corner cut out was big enough to protect the corners of your cards. The magnet worked great as I have found other holders with magnet issues. And the case was crystal clear and almost HD.

The only issue I had was finding a thin enough card to work for the 20 pt. I think the recessed card area could have used a little more depth. I used many different cards and struggled with keeping them in when closing the holder. I did manage to find one that worked but a little bit more depth could have helped.

BCW carries many of these holders and I would recommend you try them out because the quality is amazing. This one here works for really thin cards. Personally, I would buy a size a little bit bigger for normal thickness cards. However, some printing plates and thinner made cards would work well here.

BCW offers magnetic holders like this 20pt all the way to 180pt. Go to the website and check to find ones that will fit your needs.

To Find All Of These Products And More Check Out The BCW Website:

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