Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review: BCW Toploaders

Toploaders are very important to everyday collecting. Especially with protecting your autographs, jersey cards, and top rookie cards. And you wanna make sure to use the right ones, of course, its your investment. I have given each of these a try and I find them to be very efficient.
I like the fact that the inside of everyone of these Toploaders they aren't tight. Meaning, after you put your card into a penny sleeve, you don't have to jam the card to get it into the Toploader that I have found with some products.

The thickness of each protector is good as well. You don't want them too thick cause those are the ones that usually crack and break when you using them or when they are mistakenly dropped. These also have flexibility allowing your card to breathe nicely. You don't want a product snuggling your cards too tightly, that is how autograph damage and scratches may occur.

The outside border is also very thick keeping your cards from being bent.

I also enjoy the clarity they provide. They showcase the card very well.

Below the gallery, I have explained how I use each one. You may use yours differently. It all depends on how you want to use them and what kind of collector you are.


1.5 MM
2.75 MM
3 MM
3.5 MM
7 MM
This is how I use each one of these. The 1.5mm I use for base rookie cards or inserts with value. The 2mm and the 2.5mm I use for autograph cards. The 2 for thinner ones and the 2.5 for the ones that are a little thicker. The 2.75 I use for thinner Memorabilia cards which some companies such as Upper Deck make.

The 3mm and 3.5 mm work for thicker cards like the gold parallels that used to be used in Bowman. And thicker jersey cards. The 5mm (not pictured) I use for the really thick patch cards. And finally the 7mm, I use those for booklet cards. Of course only for the thinner ones such as Panini Playbook.

Everybody uses these differently. I was giving you examples of how I use each one.But I would enjoy to hear your thoughts on the products and how you use each one.

To Find All Of These Products And More Check Out The BCW Website:


  1. Never used this brand. I have the binders with the pages. I do have some ultra pro 130 point pennysavers and some toploaders and those are sold as ultrapro as well. I wonder if these are the same toploaders but are advertised in a different way. Not sure. Could be the same sleeves of course sold under two different brandnames and the measurement system is different. I would have to know more about who actually makes each before I make a decision on which product I would prefer. It could be the same sleeves for all I know. I did notice a lot of watchers for both ultra pro and BCWsupplies on ebay. Dealers and collectors probably buy from both based on need and availability at any particular time. Also price drops could influence their decision. I did notice that the toploaders that they are putting in the retail stores such as Wal Mart are mostly ultra pro and the fit of the baseball cards are too tight. I'm talking about Chrome and updated cards. Heck even the platinum. You couldn't even use a pennysaver to put these cards in before you put them in the toploader. No way they would fit. There are some other top loaders that WalMart has just started to put out not ultra pro on the label and not bcw. Not sure what they are yet. Need to check them out when I have time.
    Chad D.

  2. Cardboard Gold is the other brand. They have been in business since 1986. They do not make the toploaders but have been doing business with the factory who does make them ever since Cardboard Gold started selling toploaders.
    Chad D

    1. I guess Ultrapro and BCW do manufacture products not sure which ones. Maybe everything that they put their brand on not sure. Ultrapro has been in business since 1952. BCW 1983. Cardboard gold began distribution in the eighties. I see a lot of mixed reviews on different forums. Most are in favor of ultra pro products but those reviews were also dated. The more up to date reviews like this one has some favorable things to say about BCW. Maybe people get so used to a particular brand and everybody knows consumers hats change especially when one thing has worked for years why change now. BCW has probably improved in quality and with their more affordable items more often the younger collectors especially are making the transition to BCW a no brainer. Cardboard Gold does not manufacture but I am curious as to who is making their products.
      Chad D.