Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Weeks Cardsmiths Breaks!

Cardsmiths Breaks

This Week's Breaks! Inception 9&10, Gold Standard #2, Elite Football!

Inception is still on fire right now, so let's do more!  I have 2 cases posted right now and the teams will be available for purchase in less than 3 hours at 9pm EDT.  Also open for purchase at 9pm will be case #2 of Gold Standard Basketball, but this time you can buy your teams.  Last case had 2 1/1's and a Larry Bird patch that was really cool and a ton of other nice hits.  2013 Elite Football got pushed to Friday by Panini, so I had to move the break.  I'll also have some box breaks for us throughout the week of Tribute, Museum and some 2013 Bowman Football.  I'm thinking of doing a little Bowman baseball mixer Saturday night as well.

2013 Bowman Inception Cases #9 and #10!

Teams on sale in about 3 hours, don't miss your teams!  #9 is scheduled for Wednesday. #10 might be right after if it fills!


2013 Gold Standard Basketball Case #2!

I thought you guys might like to purchase your teams, so they will be available to purchase in about 3 hours, don't miss your teams!  We will break this on Thursday!

2013 Elite Football Case #1!

We break this on Friday! Panini has added extra hits, plus case guarantees, check this out:  
  • 7 out of 12 boxes will now deliver one additional hit!
  • Three (3) autographs in each case from the following list of superstar rookies: Geno Smith, E.J. Manuel, Matt Barkley, Eddie Lacy, Montee Ball, Tavon Austin, Cordarrelle Patterson & DeAndre Hopkins
  • Three (3) autographs per case from the following list of these rising, red hot rookies: Giovani Bernard, Le’Veon Bell, Knile Davis, Robert Woods, Terrance Williams, Justin Hunter, Keenan Allen

Note: All of the above information was provided to us by Cardsmiths breaks. If you haven't joined in on one of their breaks yet...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!

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