Thursday, August 22, 2013

Best Football Subset Design Ever

While flipping through my football card collection the other day, I came across some cards I had forgotten about. A subset that for me was a must have at its time of release and one that I still have til this day. If you don't know what a subset is, it's a set within a normal base set. So instead of seeing the same base card or rookie card, they sometimes break up a set with a special title usually like All-Star or All-Pro or Legend.

This particular subset came from 1995 Skybox Football. A company that is no longer on the market but at that time was very popular. Especially for me. The Subset was called Mirror Image. The design is spectacular. I had forgotten about how great it was til I stumbled upon it again. Now, there is one thing I must argue with the players on the cards Not all of the players are mirror images of each other. However, at that time, it may have appeared that they were heading that way. They paired up rookies from the 1994 class with a star. I think if we were to redo these now-a-days we would definitely make a few changes.

I didn't get the chance to get all of them together, but wanted to at least give you a few to show you an example of why I believe this is THE BEST DESIGNED FOOTBALL SUBSET EVER.  The player on top is the front of the card. The player below is on the bottom. It's easy to tell which player goes with which.






What I love most about the design is the the jersey waving in the background of the mirrored player. And the color scheme too with the nice blends from the players chosen together.

Most companies don't spend a lot of time on their base sets and especially subsets anymore. Yes, I know the hobby will never be like it was in the 90's. But, hopefully some companies will dip back into time and take some of the efforts that were put in back then when the hobby was at it's highest popularity. I think it would be a great asset to the hobby.

Let us know if you have ever seen these? Do you consider them like we do the BEST FOOTBALL SUBSET DESIGN EVER or do you have another in mind? As always, your comments are welcomed!

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