Sunday, August 25, 2013

Favorite 1990's Baseball Inserts

Welcome to 90's insert weekend here at Sport Card Collectors! Today, we move onto the MLB Inserts. We picked out some of our favorites.However, it would be completely impossible to cover them all. Remember, that these cards are not about the player or team on the card. It's all about the card itself.

Take a minute to ponder through these. Try not to drool on your keyboard as you eye gaze through this amazing spectacle.

I am a fan of Slides in cards. Just gives the cards that extra something.
A great concept. You can flip through the years and stats by turning a knob on the side

Very cool. You open it up like a book. Guess it's what you consider an early booklet card
Chrome, refractor, great design, Bazinga!
You would think Team Timber would be a thick cardboard, but its very thin and will curl without Top Loader. Almost has a wood feeling to it.
Really miss this Donruss baseball products, that's why I wished Panini would get an MLB License for cards like this
Spx Silver parallel..the design on the card alone is epic. Adding silver or gold, Epic. It also has me singing the song from Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer movie..Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold...
Throwback appeal and makes you think of Austin Powers...
Die Cut, Chrome, Refractor..may I need to say more?
The past three posts took us right down memory lane. We hope it did the same for you for those of us who grew up in 90's insert collecting era. As for anyone else, who grew up before or after this era, we hoped you enjoyed. If only baseball inserts looked like this again. We might be more tempted to get back into collecting baseball cards full time again. 

And it's not just because these were designed so well compared to now-a-days either, these cards also fell at a harder rate driving up their values and made them worth looking for in a pack. They weren't one per pack valued at $2 or less. These were more like one in every seventy-two packs valued at $20 or more.

Looking at inserts like these and what is offered today, there is a HUGE difference. And it's not for the best. Companies were much more creative and put forth more of an effort for 90's inserts. If only they could dip back into the past. It may help the state of the hobby. Not everything is about jersey or autographs.

We hoped you enjoyed 90's insert weekend here at Sport Card Collectors. Comments are always encouraged on any of the posts!


  1. These were cool to see as I did not collect baseball at all in the 90's. I did not see many of these designs. I think I will make an effort to locate some to purchase so that I can see them in person.

    I agree with you that the card companies should put forth more effort in creativity with the insert cards. But unfortunately the current mainstream hobbyist is not those of us from the 90's. People wan't Jerseys Autos Plates and Rainbows. I see box breakers that toss inserts around like commons because their customers don't even want them. Personally I will take a sweet designed insert of a star player that is 1:60 packs over a white piece of Jersey or Auto of a guy that will never touch the playing field.

    Great inserts, Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for posting these. They are different. I like them. I actually just looked through a Barry Bonds album for the last couple days and some of these inserts are in the album. One of the things I collect is Barry Bonds cards. Nice to see these cards on the site. It's seems a bit ridiculous but Barry Bonds has close to 3500 different cards. I'm not even close to the halfway point.
    Chad D.