Saturday, August 10, 2013

How To Improve The Hobby Part 3: Target Hobby's Future

A new 4 Part Series here on Sport Card Collectors is giving our opinion on how to improve the hobby and its weak points.

In a day and age of video games, television, music and movies, the hobby of card collecting seems like a distant idea to most kids not unless they are brought up in the hobby by a parent. Card companies are trying their best efforts to engage the youth into the urge of collecting. But it's not as easy as it once was. 

Some companies like Topps and Panini are attempting to draw kids attentions by doing sticker books hoping that will lead to their interest in cards later on as they grow. This is a great idea and start. I also like what Panini did by adding basketball cards to Taco Bell kid's meals. If only Taco Bell hadn't gotten rid of their kids meals recently. Panini also brought back a very kid friendly, cost friendly product in Triple Play which is both fun and cost efficent.

Upper Deck has also done some attempts at getting kids involved with help from the members of their UDVA members and some fun at The National. And Upper Deck also works with Cards2Kids an organization dedicated on donating cards to kids in which they donate base cards  to.

These are all great starts by companies but here are some other ideas that I have:
  1. Try kids meals more. Why not make more of an attempt at this. Panini started it again, lets keep it going more. Parents like to take their kids out to fast food restaurants, so you know you will be reaching a good crowd. Kids movies and shows are always in these meals for toys. Why not put cards in once in awhile. The best time I think to do this is near the start of each sports season. And get the specific fast food company to do a commercial saying "only at so and so we have your favorite players for the start of the (sport) season! Collect all 12 (company) cards today!"
  2. Cereal Boxes. For me, when I was a child (and a little bit still now), I loved digging through the box of cereal for the treasure. Why not have that "treasure" be a card collectible? Kids love cereal and you know no breakfast is complete without Lucky Charms or Cheerios. And to find a bonus treasure inside, exciting. Or you can also put them on the back of the box again. Make it a bigger set that way. So the cereal company sells more cereal with kids trying to get the set and the card company getting the word out on sports cards.
  3. Video Games. If video games are all the hype, add a couple cards inside the game cover. So when the kids open up the video game, boom, trading cards! And don't make them bland either. Add some pizzazz to the cards. In sports games, add the specific sports cards related to it. If it's non-sport, do the same. Kids love video games and will buy them over pretty much anything. If you can find the balance between game and cards, this would be a great start.
  4. TV Commercials. Remember when Upper Deck did this one: why don't more companies try this again. Target top channels like Nick, Disney and Cartoon Network. Kids watch TV and this could be a great way to spread the word
  5. Do a rewards program. In every pack of cards put in a code where kids can go online (another fun thing kids like to do) and have them play a fun online sports game (again combining cards and games) to earn points to win big prizes. Autograph memorabilia, meeting a player, video games, game machines such as PS3, Xbox,etc, dvd players, Itunes cards, iPod Docs could be some of the prizes. Obviously make the points reasonable for both the companies and for the kids. Cause companies don't want to pay too much on the side, but parents don't want to either.
Loved Finding these in my Post Cereal's back in the early 90's
These are just some ideas at trying to target the future of our hobby. I am sure there are others. And I am sure some of you will agree or disagree with the ones I mentioned. But as always, Sport Card Collector is open to your opinions and comments!

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