Monday, August 12, 2013

License Roulette

We hear many people all of the time say, "man I wished so and so still had the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA license". So we thought it would be fun to actually take a vote to see these results. Let's see who you want to have each license in a fun game of License Roulette.

On the RIGHT SIDE of our blog are POLLS. Each poll represents each license and a Top 4 Company you might want to have the license. You can make multiple choices for each or just one. It's up to you. The POLL will last until August 26th where the voting will end that morning. After that, we will announce the winner or winners of each license you guys voted for separately while also giving you our thoughts on each winner.

So let your collecting voices be heard and go out and vote!


  1. Honestly I think it would be best if the top 3 all had licenses for all products and were limited to 5 products per sport. That way you don't have over production and real competition. You could have 1 low end, three medium and one high end product per sport.

  2. I agree with Andrew. Way too many products by the companies that do have licenses...and even those that do not. I am a team collector and with all the parallels my collection will never be complete. I feel the need to limit those, too.