Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mail Day From Ultra Pro/Cardboard Connection


Cardboard Connection and Ultra Pro teamed up for a  summer basketball giveaway. There were cards to win from the Panini product Preferred Basketball. Some of the prizes you could win were Toploaders, A Booklet "CENTER", A  Detlef Schremph Preferred 2/5 among other prizes. I was surprised to see my name pop up with one of the cards. I usually don't win the raffle type contests. Especially ones that are random.

This card is numbered 1/74. I really like the design of the card with it being mini, die-cut and the team color scheme with the silver bottom border. Panini put their own twist on a classic that was once called Cramers Choice back in the classic Crown Royale products.

Horace Grant was a player I watched when I was more into watching basketball. This card will make a great home into my PC.

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