Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Retro Break: 1990 Action Packed All Madden Team

Recently went to my first flea market and found a bunch of deals. This set only cost me $2!!

This is the final Retro Break from the flea market. This one to me was a steal at the time. I see other sets going on eBay about $6 so wasn't as much of a steal as I had hoped. But it still had something in it I wanted and hoped for.





BOOM! Emmitt Smith Rookie Card!
Action Packed was another one of those product lines I really enjoyed. Because they were action packed. The players, logo's, and borders were "lifted" off from the cardboard. It was kinda like cardboard braille.I hope someday Panini will dig into the past and revive this classic. I think bringing back a product like this would be fun for both young and old ages.

Let me know your thoughts on this break, Action Packed and what bargains you have found at flea markets!


  1. mrblu1976@aol.comAugust 7, 2013 at 4:14 PM

    wow nice hit

  2. This was a pretty unique set that I've always liked. And to have the break you got, you can't beat. I've got some older Falcons cars from the set and I've always been a fan. You have to feel happy with $2 for the pack. That is cheaper than packs you'll find in Wal-Mart today and with the hope of getting a some great players from the era you can't beat it.