Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sport Card Collectors Partners With The Pack Gambler

Today is a proud day as we announce a new member to the Sport Card Collectors family. With the recent release from Cardsmiths breaks we had announced wanting to fill in our Sport Card Collector breaker sponsor with someone new (we actually have 2 announcements on this front but the other one will come later on). We wanted someone who has the same passion for the hobby as we do. Someone we trust. And someone we would feel proud to spread the word about on. And of course someone we know we can partner with to make the hobby a better place. And we couldn't have been happier to hear from The Pack Gambler about this position.

The Pack Gambler was at first just a blogger who has incredible insight and knowledge on the hobby. You can find the blog here: Make sure you check it out for product reviews and more. Reviews are very well done and there were some nice hits to view as well.

Since, The Pack Gambler has joined the land of breakers, they have had great success with their breaks but are always looking for more to join in on them. That's where we come in to help spread the word and are confident and proud to do so. And speaking of that, they have a break going on Monday for the red hot Topps product Allen and Ginter which you can locate right here. Still spots available if you are interested.:

As for their breaks, all breaks currently are random teams assigned. In the event they don't sellout, choice of team is available with those in the break available online to do so. They run breaks 1 per week usually depending on the releases. Each product they do break has at least 1-2 giveaways (the Allen and Ginter one has 3 random bonus giveaways including an autograph card # to 6!). And all of their breaks are at affordable prices. They break Baseball, Football and hockey. They do however have Non-Sports and NASCAR items in their store along with many other items that you can find right here: You can also sign up for breaks there as well.

Another exciting thing about this partnership, there will be the giveaways we will be hosting from The Pack Gambler.They will be open to everyone. They could be packs of cards, memorabilia cards or autographs, or could be a spot into one of their breaks. Great prizes to be had!

Let us know your thoughts on our new partnership and please check him out on Facebook, Twitter, blog and at his site and try your luck on one of their breaks today!


  1. Today is a great day for The Pack Gambler. Partnering up with a reliable resource like Sport Card Collectors was a great opportunity and will be great for our collecting community.

  2. Welcome to Pack Gambler and thank you!