Thursday, August 15, 2013

Top 5 NFL Rookies I Am Collecting in 2013

Here are the Top 5 rookies that I am collecting in 2013. Now, as you will see, I don't collect defensive guys, offensive lineman, or people from the Tight End position. Those kind of players don't really seem to make much of a hobby impact to me unless they are on my team. Or much of a hobby impact in general.

1. Panini America 2013 Score Football Hot Rookies 17 EJ Manuel will be the Bills starter and showed that he can lead the team after a strong performance in the first preseason game (yes I know it's preseason but you can sometimes just tell). Especially on the two minute drive before the half. That was impressive. I think he will have a good season in Buffalo. He has some young weapons around him as well with rookie WR's Robert Woods and speedster Marquis Goodwin. And who can forget threat Stevie Johnson. CJ Spiller will also be a huge help taking pressure off from Manuel as well as teams will have to aware of where he is on the field.

2. Panini America 2013 Score Football Hot Rookies 1   Watching Mark Sanchez throw a pick on the fourth play of the game in the preseason game against Detroit first thing only told me it will only be time before Geno Smith will be the Jets starter. I do think Sanchez will start the season, but by Week 6 if not earlier if he's struggling the Jets will turn to their future. And Smith not only has a strong arm, but he can make plays with his legs as well. Maybe bringing some excitement to a lacking Jets offense.

3. Panini America 2013 Score Football Hot Rookies 8 This guy is a weapon. And the number one option that the Rams have. Sam Bradford looked strong in his first preseason game despite Austin lacking to show up. I think as time goes on and they grow on each other you better watch out for this guy. He can run out of the backfield with trickery plays, can burn you down the field, and has great return skills as well. All around weapon.

4. Panini America 2013 Score Football Hot Rookies 7  This guy is going to be huge in Houston's offense. Matt Schaub must have been drooling after the Texans drafted him. I think teams will as usual double up Andre Johnson leaving the open field to Hopkins who showed in the first preseason game he can be a beast.

5.  Panini America 2013 Score Football Hot Rookies 18 Something tells me the Jags are going to use this guy a lot in their offense. Especially when you list him as OW (offensive weapon) on your depth chart. With Jones-Drew dealing with so many injuries and being unable to play all of the time the Jags needed a lift in their offense and I think this guy provides it both as a runner and wide-out.

I believe these rookies will have the biggest impact on the hobby in terms of values. If I was you, like myself, pick up rookies of these guys early on.

Some honorable mentions on here would have been Lacy from Green Bay (with him splitting time with Jonathan Franklin numbers won't be as high) and Giovanni Bernard from Bengals (probably sharing carries as well with Green-Ellis).

I know some of you may question why Cordarrelle Patterson from the Vikings didn't make this list, well, that's because of the Vikings QB. Can Ponder help Patterson put up the numbers needed to make a hobby impact. Time can only tell. I also didn't put Matt Barkley down either cause I don't expect to see him play this year. That's Vick's team.

Despite this years draft being rough for rookie card collectors, I do believe the Top 5 we have chosen will be good ones to collect. The other belief for this years rookie class is that there could be plenty of diamonds in the rough. You just never know. So picking up lesser known offensive guys won't hurt.

Let us also know your thoughts on our Top 5 list and what you would change about it if you disagree with it.

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