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Canadian's Visit Shops And Ask Questions For Sport Card Collector's Player Of The Day Contest 2013

Here is where pictures will go of those who visit their participating Player Of The Day shops in Canada. Also this is where the questions and answers will be posted as well.

Picture section

Q&A section. This section is feedback from participating Player Of The Day Canadian Shops. You Can Find This List HERE:

mrblu1976 called and got the following answers from the following shops on 9/30/2013 . He has earned 4 points for getting through to 2 of the shops.

"Eastridge Hobbies was not a sports card guy and did not know anything about the promotion and couldn't give me any information regarding increased traffic or sales. "

"Maple Leaf Sports did not answer there phone and I got their machine."

"I did get through to Wests sports cards though and talked to Moe Amerey. He would love to participate in the POD promotion but has not heard anything about it from his suppliers. He stated that they usually participate in the NHL promotions. He is going to contact his suppliers to see if he can find out why they have not heard anything about this promotion that has already started here in the states."

mrblu1976 then went onto call the following shops on 10/1/2013:

"Eastridge Hobbies: I talked to Rod, he is not the "card guy", but he is not sure but he thinks that they might be participating but he has not seen any signs or posters in or around the shop."

"Waynes Sports Cards:
Said "Yes" they are participating. However they were to busy to answer any survey questions due to the fact that they were unloading a huge shipment."

"Imperial Gardens Sportscards:
The employee that I talked to did not speak or understand english very well. They told me that they did not know about any promotion and told me to call back and talk to management."

"Wisner's Wide World of Collectables: Said "yes they are participating", Yes, it has increased the traffic into the store and sales" "it has had a positive impact with the kids. The customers like the promotion because they like the free stuff. They said that they have been participating for three years now."

"Pastime Sports & Games: "They said no that they have not received anything"

"Collector's Den:
said, " no, but the owner will contact the suppliers and that might change later this week"

"Cancentral: call cannot be completed as dialed so I don't think that they are around anymore."

"Superstars Sports Collectibles: I talked to Kyle who was really informative and told me about the distributor reduction. He said no and that he has not heard anything from his distributor. He usually participates in everything both hockey and football POD, Black Friday, Father's Day, and he is even a member of the Panini Round Table. So he was a bit upset about why he has not heard anything. He was hoping that maybe we could put the word out to maybe Tracy Hackler or Panini and get the ball rolling down here to help them out up there. "

"Card Rack: said "no, not at this time. They have in the past done the hockey ones, but they are not participating at this time.

Blair called 2 shops:
1. They have never received anything from pan in but have participated in the past...it goes good when they get the stuff
2.definately generates sales when they have the product
3. Yes brings in customers
4. Customers love it...breaking cards and giveaways rock
5. All of them when they get the product...
Tyler Franklin owner of superstars sports cards in Manitoba...
# is 204-832-9001

I also called
And got the same answer...no product from panini

Blair burnside called four more shops:
East ridge hobbies
1. Love it
2. Yes...a little bit
3. Yes
4. Yes, potential to win free stuff
5. All panini promos
Owner...ken Forrester

Altered states comics

1. Yes..love it
2. Not big difference as people come to get cards regardless
3. Yes
4. Free stuff is good
5. Anything panini does
Owner...Doug Kerr

Called d/m sports cards Mon ton/NB
1. Yes, good stuff, football...yeah
2. Yes...in general
3. Not so much new but more regulars spending more
4. Yes...free is always good
5. Football and hockey
owner...Malcolm Cole...

Maverick sports collectables in St. Johns
1. Yes...hockey and some football
2. Yes
3. Yes...some spend more and a few more customers
4. Opening pks in store and free stuff
5. Hockey and football
owner is Andrew Corbett

Called card rack in Fredericton NB
1. Yes...football and hockey
2. Yes
3. A bit, more customers but regulars are spending a bit more
4. Yeah, free stuff
5. All they offer
Owner...Steve hard ie

Wiser wild world of collecting
Langley BC
1. Love it...
2. Yes...brings in some more customers....but regulars too
3. Yes
4. Customers love chance to win free stuff
5. Any promos around
Owners name....Chris wise

Langley BC
1. Good when they get the product
2. A bit, customers are gonna buy the cards but there is interest
3. Yes
4. Fun of opening packs and winning free stuff
5. Anything that can be a money maker
owner...ken Richardson

Mrblu1976 called the following shops:
Card Board Heroes
108 Niagara St
St. Catherines ON, L2R, 2B4
The man that I spoke to said that they were participating but their promo had just ended on Sunday.

401 Games
518 Yonge St
Toronto, ON
M4Y, 1X9
The guy that I spoke to said “yes” that they are participating. His feelings about the promo are that it’s not too bad and that it has had some great success. He also stated that it has brought some increased traffic and sales to his store. His customers do like the promo and they seem to enjoy fishing for prizes like autos and stuff. The other types of promotions that his shop participates in are mainly mail in type stuff.

From Hockey to Hollywood
322A King St. W
Toronto, ON
M5V, 1J2
The guy that I talked to stated that his shop was not participating in the promo.

Dpan went on a frenzy at the show in Toronto visiting all of these booths and asking about Player Of The Day

1. 401 games - owner John yes didnt change sale or brought in more people

Show booths:

1. East ridge booth 1201 - didn't take part

2. West sports booth 805 - didn't take part

3. Imperial gardens booth 802 - owner Kenny didn't get package

4. Superstar booth 611 - yes partook, no change in sales at all

5. Clouts and chara booth 905 - brad yes took part, not really change.

6. Untouchables booth 1000 - didn't pick up package because they focuses more on gaming cards now and not sports

7. Altered state booth 30 - don't carry sports cards only comic

8. Red nails booth 604 - yes took part, no difference in sales or visitors

9. Miraj booth 1006 - owner a miraj yes we did take part, no difference in sales or collectors

10. Game breakers booth 300 - owner Hans lee tan, chose not to pick up package

Then called the following shops:

11. Rookies sports cards in Hamilton. Gave them a call. Owner is tally. Yes partook in POD. Slight increase in football sales overall decent promotion.

12. From hockey to Hollywood owner glen. Yes taking part. No difference in sales. Enjoys doing promos. Does as many as possible since downtown and gets alot of foot traffic. Told me to come down and get packs.

13. A&R collectables. Sorry not this time and hung up!

14.  Collectors dreams memorabilia- no we did not do anything this year. Sorry.

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