Friday, September 6, 2013

License Roulette Results: NCAA

With the License Roulette now in the books, we thought it would be time to show off the results from each sport that you guys voted for. The voting process was over a two week period with most sports receiving up to 50+ votes each. Thanks to everyone who took a few seconds out to vote.

Now onto the results....followed after the results will be our reaction:

Panini America
Upper Deck
Press Pass

Looks like people are very happy with what Panini has done to card collecting as they took or tied 4 out of 5 titles. This vote was very close throughout as all of the companies were neck to neck. A little surprised that Upper Deck wasn't more received here. Means either collectors are not happy with what they are doing or that they would rather see Upper Deck doing pro licenses again. 

It was great that other collectors besides myself miss Press Pass and Sa-ge NCAA licensed cards. Products for Press Pass and Sa-ge haven't been the same since they lost the license.

What are your thoughts on the results? Do you agree?

And let us know your overall thoughts on the License Roulette Results and which ones surprised you.

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