Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Player Of The Day Promo Comes To Sport Card Collectors 2013

We are VERY PROUD to announce that we have been chosen once again to host the blogger promotion of Panini's NFL Player Of The Day promotion! We had great success with last years Player Of The Day blogger promotion, our first one. And of course we couldn't have done it without you guys! This year, we are hoping to top that one! Especially since we have grown our fan base so much from last year!

Here are links to how last years contests were run and it shows the incredible prizes we handed away as well:



If you are unfamiliar with Panini's Player Of The Day promotion click the logo above that will lead you directly to Panini's Player Of The Day website that also has fun stuff to read as well. But do remember, just don't participate here, participate at your local participating card shop that you can find located HERE for U.S.and Canadian Residents.

Here are some of the cards you could find inside promo packs of Player Of The Day when participating at your local LCS:

Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (1)    Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (10) 

Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (17)     Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (18) 

Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (23)  Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (31) 

Now onto our promo. We will not be releasing info on our promo quite yet. Probably will start next week. We are in the process of getting prizes together for this promotion and finishing up a few ideas. But let us start by telling you it will be like no contest we have ran on here before (except one part is taken from last years promo but improved). We will cover those of you who don't have a participating hobby shop, those of you who do, and those of you who like to have fun. There will be 3-4 different parts to participate in. Each is different and the level of prizes will be different as well depending on the challenge. The ONE THING WE ASK FROM YOU IS TO CLICK ONTO THE PLAYER OF THE DAY IMAGE LINK DAILY to find out new info and to show Panini this blog has support of you guys so we can continue to host this contest in the future.

So keep your eyes out next week as we will be revealing what our Promo is about and so you can start to plan on how you want to enter!


  1. I think its awesome that you got picked to be part of this. Your hard work gets noticed and rewarded. Couldnt happen to a nicer guy

  2. Cool to see this! Sounds like Panini likes what you're doing!