Sunday, September 29, 2013

Topps Baseball Qubi 2013 2 Pack Break


Topps Qubi is a collectible stamp that comes in many forms. We have seen the stamp be both of a players autograph or of a players face. There are Signature, Portrait And Club Logo Stamps to collect and 75 Collectible stamps overall ranging from many players.

The stamp itself is a cube hence its name. It has a different picture depending on where you are holding the stamp. These stamps range around $2-$3 and can be found at most retail outlets and some online stores.

Here is one that we pulled in the first pack. A signature one of Cliff Lee. 

The second one we pulled we broke it down to 3 different views (yes we know there are 4 but these were a favorite) so you can see what we are talking about.




This one of Ryu, is also a signature one which you have to assume is the main one you would pull. 

These are something personally I wouldn't collect, but would be fun maybe for kids to start into since it's both a stamp they can use on paper (or your walls and your house so keep an eye out) and a collectible that they can display.The stamps are also made of very thick durable plastic, so as long as your kid isn't throwing it around the house like Chapman from the Reds, it would be hard to break.

For those that are not baseball fans, Topps also produced Soccer versions as well.

Let us know your thoughts on this unique product and if you have given it a try or not. Also let us know if it's something that you would be into collecting.

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