Sunday, November 24, 2013


Another great year of the Panini Player Of The Day Contest and we hope all of you enjoyed. But as with everything, all great things must come to an end.

So here is our FINAL Player Of The Day Contest for 2013. We wanted to make this one a bit simpler. And just to get some feedback from you guys. This takes no time to enter and is simple as can be.

Here are the great prizes you can win from this contest!



Panini Bag


Each envelope is filled with 1-5 insert/rookie cards. Some are numbered. Meaning could be close to 50 cards to win as well!

There will only be one winner in this contest.

Now onto how to enter.

First off, visit Panini's Blog THE KNIGHTS LANCE. Tell us something about the blog you enjoy.
Secondly, visit the PLAYER OF THE DAY WEBSITE tell us your thoughts on the site and if it's easy to use or not.
Third, Tell us your thoughts on Panini's Player Of The Day promotion. 
Fourth, Tell us which POD participating shop name and state is closest to you by using the Shop Locator located HERE.
Fifth, tell us if you were to win a DAY WITH A PLAYER (what this promo is all about), which player would it be?
And last, just so we don't have to random this. Pick the winner of the Thursday Night Football game between the Steelers @ Ravens and total points of the game WITHOUT going over.

Your really easy entries should look like this:
1. The product previews
2. Really easy to use and navigate. 
3. I really like what Panini does...just wished I had an LCS nearby. But thank goodness Sport Card Collectors blog has helped me participate!
4. The Old Ball Park Alvin, TX
5. Eli Manning
6. Ravens 44 pts

Entries will be due in by Thursday November 28th by 8:30 pm e.t. All entries will be hidden for the fun of the contest. Winner will be decided by the last step but you must complete all steps to have your entry considered. Good Luck and we hope you have enjoyed our 2013 version of Player Of The Day!!

Thank you to everyone who enters! Final winner will be announced November 29th.



  1. 1. I enjoy the product reviews and their contests, but their contests can be a bit to challenging and time consuming at times.
    2. The POD website is a bit basic and easy to use, but I wish that the information was in chronological order to make it easier to navigate and track info updates.
    3. I like the POD promo but to me it seems that most shops have a tendency to cater and award the big weekly and monthly prizes to their regular customers. The shops don't have any problems handing out the silver packs though. Panini really stepped it up this year when it came to prizes, good job to Panini for that.
    4. Bankstons, Waco, TX
    5. Jason Witten
    6. Steelers, 40

  2. Josh Email: jringler29@verizon.netNovember 24, 2013 at 5:50 PM

    1. The photos and unclose view of products
    2. the constant updating of the website
    3. Love it, just don't have a participating shop near me :(
    4. New World Manga Livingston, NJ (This is my town, but I've been to this shop, and I don't believe they support the promotion.)
    5. Calvin Johnson
    6. Ravens 42 pts

  3. 1-The contests and videos of product reviews.
    2-It is fairly easy and self explanatory to use.
    3-I think it is a great promotion and fun way to get involved with busting NFL cards.
    4-DJ's Sports Cards- Renton, WA
    5-Russell Wilson

  4. Jim Pineda (allformykids)November 24, 2013 at 8:21 PM

    1) The blog is very informative with all the new releases.
    2) The POD site is very easy to use, the hobby locator s great along with the promotional updates.
    3) I like the POD promotions it gives us small hobby collectors a chance to win cards that we can't afford to buy.
    4) The LCS near me is South Side Cards and Collectibles in Orland Park,IL
    5) I would like to spend the day with Peyton Manning, a class act great football mind.
    6) Ravens win 47 total points.

    Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to all.

    Happy Thanksgiving, be safe if traveling....

  5. 1. I like the graphics and the baseball promos review
    2. The articles are short and concise. Easy to follow.
    3. I like Panini's player of the day contests that SCC blog does. I wish there was more baseball...
    4, Ditto on the LCS nearby. The site lists one about 3 miles from me, but when I visit it, there is nothing about the panini player of the day up or any posters. The owner has packs but gives them out sparingly. (He has a dual bowling ball / baseball card store called the Strike Zone). The next closest one is T&K sports cards in Vero, about 40 miles from me.
    5. Peyton Manning
    6. Steelers 42 pts

  6. 1) I'm new to the site so I have to say the video's have been the most informative at the moment.
    2) It has a simple layout. Easy to understand. Yes, it's easy to use.
    3) I like the idea of the POD promotion. Would be cool if the site featured more pictures of daily/weekly/yearly winners. Seeing people excited to get the opportunity is always fun!
    4) Card & Coin Corner in Green Bay, WI
    5) Payton Manning
    6) Steelers 32 pts

  7. 1. I really like the look of the Black Friday products and cannot wait for them to come out.
    2. I believe that it is easy to use but could use some work graphically.
    3. I really like the POD promo, it adds a chase within a chase. You are chasing your team/players while also chasing the POD.
    4. The Dugout, IN
    5. Giovani Bernard
    6. Ravens 43 pts

  8. 1. The box busting vids are my favorite. N the knights lance find em blogs
    2. Its definitely easy to navigate n follow the time line of events
    3. What you said.. dig the promotion n hope to participate more next rd with a LCS opening near by.
    4.GrandSlam sports loveland n soon to be of Greeley.
    5. Calvin Johnson jr. He is the coolest dude.
    6. Pittsburgh 43 total pts

  9. I like the Unwrapped videos Mr Hackler is very entertaining

    I like the POD site its pretty basic but its easy to navigate and find a LCS

    In concept the POD is awesome. in implimentation with shady LCS it has been a bit disappointing but I appreciate SCC being part of it

    Bases Loaded Miami, FL

    Frank Gore

    Ravens 36 points

  10. 1. I like their contests and product previews.
    2. It's easy to use.
    3. I'm not that big a fan of it. It seems designed to drive single pack sales of low-end brands.
    4. South Bay Baseball Cards, CA
    5. Charles Woodson
    6. Steelers, 41 points

  11. 1. I like the Knights lance because all the awesome previews of the products and the scavenger hunt contest.
    2. It's a awesome website. Easy to find what you're looking for. 3.Awesome promo thank you and Panini for doing it. I wish there was a LCS closer.
    4. Premium Investments Inc. | Mishawaka,IN
    5. Andrew Luck
    6. Ravens 35 points

  12. 1.Enjoy the inter-action Panini has with the collectors via Twitter or Video on the website.

    2. Easy to move around. Keeps card collectors updated with current information.

    3. Great promotion. Get's collectors into there LCS & supporting a great company.

    4. Triple Play Sports Cards, Sioux Falls South Dakota

    5. Russell Wilson

    6 Ravens 37 points

    Thank you for a great contest as always.

    Twitter: Seahawksfan605