Monday, November 25, 2013

Winners And Answers Revealed In Our Player Of The Day Scavenger Hunt # 2

We hope you all enjoyed Round 2 of our Scavenger Hunt!

Here are the THREE CARDS you were looking for. Like we stated, look closely. You can tell by our poor Photoshopping skills which ones they are. Some were still harder than others. But seems like most of you found this one much easier than our first scavenger hunt.


If you said these three cards, Jared Cook's auto was changed, Calvin Johnson was missing the JR, and Julius Peppers is missing the Player Of The Day logo than you are in the running for the big prizes!!

Hold on for a second! There was a twist to this one....hold on..whaaaaaaattt.... Yup there was FIVE cards messed with but only a few of you caught on! We completely messed with this Reggie Bush and Ryan Broyles cards and made them disappear :)

Panini America 2012 NFL POD 3 Panini America 2012 NFL POD 13
So if you had Reggie Bush or Ryan Broyles cards being gone in you answer with a combination of the ones above they will count as well.

After THREE RANDOMS on the following winners names popped up!

1ST PLACE PRIZE goes to Jessica P.

2ND PLACE PRIZE goes to Seahawksfan605

3RD PLACE prize goes to Jordon

Congrats to our 3 winners!! And thanks to everyone who participated. one more Player Of The Day Contest going on right now! Really easy to enter!

Winners, please email us at with your addresses! We will get these right out to you as we want you to receive your prizes as fast as possible. All we ask in return is that you please email us pics of when you receive the prizes or at least show us your hits! This would be greatly appreciated. You can post pics on our Facebook wall, Twitter or email them to us to the above email. Thank you!

***NOTE: You will have 7 Days from today to claim your prizes or they will be re-given away ***

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