Monday, November 18, 2013

Yard Sale Find # 15

We recently posted about a Yard Sale we went to and picked up a bunch of sports cards at (mostly baseball). We thought it would be fun to take you on the journey with us to discover what is inside of every box, every single we got picking out the best ones along the way to show. We hope you enjoy the trip and comments are always welcomed.

There were a ton of these Ted Williams Upper Deck inserts. I haven't had the chance to see if a set was possible there but will update this post if there was.

If only this was the Jeter Sp rookie card....

This Dykstra is really cool I was always a fan of the Leaf Gold Stars insert withe the rainbow foil.


And more 90's inserts right up my alley!

More Pro Cards...


I actually haven't seen these in person before. Pretty cool design and I truly respect what Flair brought to sports cards. Wish Upper Deck would do more with their Fleer licenses.

Looks like someone used to be a Frank Thomas fan

Even more Baseball Heroes...

More 90's inserts...

I have never seen anything like this card...

The infamous Upper Deck TRADE CARDS. You can call these the first Redemption cards!

These are cool. If you hold your fingers on the black part the heat of your hands turns that to a rainbow color. These are from Upper Deck baseball 1993.

And a die cut to end this box.

Some nice additions to the collection. Loaded up on some more 1990's inserts. A few oddball but unique cards. The Max Patkin caught my attention a little. Among others.

We are coming down to the nitty gritty. Only 2 more boxes left to go through. However, those boxes are big and packed. Those might take 2 posts, if not three each. It depends on what we find as we are still sorting through them.

As always comments are welcomed!

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  1. The Patkin would have been something given away when he did a public appearance (normally at minor league games around the country - he would be a featured promotional attraction for a game).