Saturday, January 19, 2013

Box Breakers: 2012 Topps Chrome Blaster

Christmas was good to me in terms of getting a lot of cards. Here is a break I got as a present from a family member.I didn't know there was a difference though between getting Chrome from Walmart and Target. The first blaster I got from Walmart came with a jersey card. This one that my family member got came from Target and didn't. But heres how I did.

Base Cards
Inserts..really like the Luck. Got two Sanu's here

Sanu more
Chrome Refractors
Overall, I thought once again the value was there. And once again I have to give this break a


What is your thoughts on 2012 Topps Chrome Football?

NFL Championship Predictions

After one great weekend of football that did not disappoint, except the Patriots game, that one seemed over before it began, we had a 2 OT thriller in Denver, a huge comeback by Seattle only to fall short in the closings seconds, and a shootout in San Fran. So whats expected this Championship weekend..hopefully the same!

San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta proved to me last week they are not quite ready yet to play with the big boys. And San Fran put up a ton of points against Green Bay who's D I think is better than Atlanta's. With a great running game, a QB who can throw and run, good defense San Fran wants to reach a goal they fell short of last season and I think they get it this time.

49ers will win 31-20.

Rookies Cards To Watch:

10x Lot 2011 Score Rookies #320A Colin Kaepernick RC 49ers          Matt Ryan RC 2008 Bowman ROOKIE CARD SP #166 Falcons HOT MVP?

Obviously there is a lot of pressure on Matt Ryan to lead his team to the Super Bowl. Finally got a playoff win. They have home field and the Super Bowl will be played in a dome. Can he get it done? Hard to say. He has the recievers to do it. Other than their D, he will be the key to the game. Kaepernick was under the radar and now is on Atlanta's radar as the main threat on San Fran's offense. If he gets time to throw or gets no pressure and uses his legs like he did against Green out Atlanta...your season will end fast.

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

This I think will be the best game of the weekend. A dirty battle will happen. Ravens want revenge from last season where they fell a catch short of the Super Bowl. The Patriots want to prove they are no fluke and want to continue their offensive presence against the Ravens D. Baltimore has a ton of momentum coming back against the Broncos and Joe Flacco is playing for a huge contract. But in my mind, Patriots, yep REALLY hate to say it, but they are the better team and possibly the best team in football. UGGH..can't believe I had to say that. The Patriots lost earlier this season to the Ravens and these two always play close games, but at home, a tough offense and a improving D...

Patriots will win 31-27.

Rookies Cards To Watch:

Aqib Talib 2008 Topps Chrome ROOKIE Card PATRIOTS     TORREY SMITH 2011 TOPPS PRIME # 45 ROOKIE

Patriots picked up Talib for next to nothing and have gotten a lot more than they gave up for him. Talib is showing his talents and finally getting things straightened out on and off the field. He will have a challenge this week facing Torrey Smith or Anquan Boldin. Both WR's are playing lights out in the playoffs. And Joe Flacco is throwing the ball everywhere. If Talib can shut out one of these guys taking a weapon away it will help New England's D massively. If Torrey Smith gets open like he did against Denver, could be a long day for Pat's D.

Fan Box Break: 2 Boxes of Sports Illustrated Decade of Super Models

Another Fan Box Break by Jammin JDcards! Now, you may have a hard time focusing on anything but the cards with this break but do the best you can to at least skim through the reading parts. Okay...are you reading this yet? Focus...oh..don't worry...who can focus?

What Jammin JDcards says about this unique break:

"2012 Sports Illustrated Decade of Supermodels 2 boxes – I had no idea what to expect from this product but it turned out to be a nice product. Each box included a total of 96 cards with 3 material cards, and 12 inserts. The full set includes 3 different 10 card insert sets – Decades Best, Natural Colors and Celebrities, 30 material cards and printing plates. The base set consists of 70 cards and you just about get the whole set of base in each box. I was very surprised at the quality of the cards; they consist of a very high gloss look. The material cards are average and seem like a basic material. However the Heidi Klum material we pulled actually looks like the Swimsuit in the photo which is pretty awesome. There really is not much of a design to the cards but I give it a 7/10 for design, 9/10 for quality and 8.5/10 for value – an unexpected good product."

Friday, January 18, 2013

Random Card Of The Day: Bernard Pierce Gridiron Auto Rookie

When I pulled this my first reaction was wow..this is a nice looking card but then my second was uggh figures I would pull a no name rookie who backs up a star running back and probably has no chance of playing time. But watching this guy torch the Giants for over 100 yards and then almost follow it up the week after with the same I started to get more excited. He continued to progress as the season went on. This guy could start to split carries in the Baltimore backfield with the way he performs. And it will be interesting if the Ravens give him more carries this weekend against the Pats if Ray Rice can't get it going.

Have you ever had that ugh feeling when you pulled a certain player than got excited when they player got playing time and started to succeed?

Fan Box Break: 2012 Topps Strata Football

Another Fan Box Break from Jammin JDcards and this time its a product that I didn't get to bust but was very tempted by it. So now I get to see what the contents are and hopefully helps you on this product as well!

What Jammin JDcards says about Strata:
"I was really looking forward to breaking one of these hobby boxes. I broke quite a few of the retail version and really liked it. This is a pretty nice product with some really awesome hits. Unfortunately, none of my hits were that great but I have seen some photo’s of really nice stuff. The base set has a cool design, thick card stock and a ton of rookies. Every pack has 2 rookies which is awesome. There is only 1 type of insert; it is a Die-Cut rookie. I also pulled 1 parallel #ed to 100. Overall I still think this is a great product due to the amount of rookies included. The only real complaint I have is that the set lacks inserts and parallels. 8/10 for design, 8/10 for quality, 8/10 for value."


I didn't get my hands onto any of these last year..but I did this year. Was pleasantly surprised with the results. This was a 5 pack break. Let me know your thoughts on this promo.

Should have taken pic before busting..but couldn't help myself
These are going on eBay for $5 each
Love these. Only five made!
Really hope he pans out!

The base cards look great. Everything is so shiny. I hope to break some more next year if not this year again. If I can search down some cheap packs somewhere. These babies are still going for a pretty penny on eBay.

Overall I would rate this break based on cost versus what I got a :


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fan Box Break: 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball Blaster Box

One of my favorite segments is Fan Box Breakers where you guys show off your pulls. Whether its blasters, packs, pack, box, so on. Thanks for sharing and today the shout out goes to Jammin JDcards!

Here is what Jammin JDcards says about this break:
2012 Heritage Blaster – I always like products that replicate the classics but get tired of them very quickly. This was a fun blaster to break and I got GREAT return value but I would not break another one. I was simply bored half way through the packs. The Bumgarner jersey was a cool pull and the Michael Morse is numbered to 63 with great value. There are a good amount of inserts and SP’s in the product which helps. But still a little boring, 5/10 for Design, 6/10 for quality, 8/10 for value.

Coming to a local retail outlet near you...Pack Searchers

Some of the articles you read here at Sport Card Collectors are ones I wrote before starting a blog. I have always been into writing and whether it was read or not, I always just typed things up. Sort of a bonus hobby. We will get to why I mentioned this in a bit. The other day when looking around on different sport card Facebook pages I stumbled upon something that caught my eye. Someone claiming to know where all of the good cards were posting clips of their breaks (now to keep this person from being searched I will not mention the name it was under) but as curious as I am I went and checked out the page. To my surprise after reading some of the posts and comments underneath I had uncovered a pack searching page. A place where a person was teaching others how to pack search.

So this made me think back to an article I had started on pack searching but never had finished it. This page helped me bring back the article to shine more light on this darkness in the hobby. So some of this writing is from that article and some is new based on info I have researched from different forums and pages.

For those of you who may not know what "Pack Searching" is, its when someone goes to a retail outlet such as Walmart or Target (some may do it at hobby shops but most hobby shops keep their cards behind the counter) and they feel out the packs from boxes to try and find the hit or the better cards and beat the odds. By feeling out the packs, they can feel which ones are thicker would hold memorabilia cards and sometimes they can even find the die cuts in packs. Don't ask me how they do it, but they have practiced for awhile. Some even bring postal scales into retail outlets and weigh each pack to find the heaviest one which most likely has the hit. And even worse than that some will cut into the card wrappers and find the best cards. Which to me is totally wrong. But they do it.And everyone needs to be warned of it.

Pack Searching hurts the hobby especially those who cannot afford hobby packs and buy retail ones. What do they get to look forward to if they pick out a few packs from a box that may have been searched? No hits or good cards most likely. And some people may not even realize that the box had been Pack Searched or maybe not have even heard of this until now. Also, pack searching can damage the cards for the next person picking up the pack they left behind due to the techniques they use to search it.

A form of pack searching also used to happen in the late 90's before the boom of memorabilia cards. Card companies always had a way of putting packs in a box. For example, a friend of mines uncle (who is no longer in the hobby and left it in 98)  used to have theories on every product that he put together on note cards after buying a certain amount of boxes of it. Like a box of Spx football 96, the hit or insert from the box would be lets say the second row of packs, four packs down. And if no one had touched the box before he put his hand in it, it worked every time. It was very frustrating for me being a child and someone who could only afford a few packs at a time and trying to buy a pack hoping for something big then finding out someone had already taken it out of the made me want out of the hobby. But I continued on. Card companies got smarter after awhile on this in the 90's and no longer laid the boxes out the same. If only they can figure out how to stop pack searchers now a days, everyone might feel safer about buying retail.

Some suggestions I would give is putting decoys in every pack. Maybe putting all retail packs into plastic packaging where no one can touch it.Or maybe having all retail outlets move the packs behind the counter like at a LCS.

Here are a few tips when I buy retail, I look for a couple of things. One, I try to make sure the box looks full that way you know it might be newer. Two, I try to get packs from a box where packs are not tossed all around. Three, I sometimes stick with only blaster boxes from places like Walmart and Target  but be aware of these as well. Some people open these, take out the good stuff, and rewrap them and bring them back to the store. Make sure you are very careful on what you buy. Those most of the time are safe buys

Not all of you will agree with me on this topic. Some of you might say, hey, we all do it sometimes. Others might say, well with the price of cards you want to make sure you get your money back. Or maybe you will agree. But either way, I wanted to shed some light on this and say how I felt about it. And would like to hear what you think as well below in comments!

Do you agree with pack searching? Have you tried it? How can companies fix the problem if you are against it?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Box Breakers: 2012 Limited Football 2012

We will review this product at a different time. Today we just wanted to get the box break put together for you to view!

Got a box of Limited and wanted to share the results the day it came out...the only thing I can promise about this that a Manning auto was pulled....

2 Base Cards per box
One Legend and Rookie per box
Love the jumbo jersey..numbered to #49

Though not the best looks great with the shine.
As promised, I said Manning...though disappointed obviously not Peyton or especially Eli who continues to hide from me. But I will take it.

Auto redemption card # to 10
Not many cards in this break..but for $100 its a risk and possibly a high return product. The cards look great and if you haven't seen them run over to the Knights Lance to see the previews. If you like nice looking cards,high risk, high return products give it a try! You never know...

I rate this particular break though a


Preview: 2012-2013 Panini Past And Present Basketball

Going off from success from last years exciting product Panini is bringing back Past And Present for 12-13. A product in 11-12 that brought us some of the greatest inserts since the late 90's

2012-13 Past & Present Love 

Due out in early May, 2012-13 Past & Present Basketball will have a 250-card base set that includes 50 short-printed variations and this year unlike last they will have Rookie Cards!! Each box will also deliver three autographs.

2012-13 Past & Present Pierce
Texture feel inserts...big love to them!

2012-13 Past & Present Williams
Inserts for this years product as supposed to be just as impressive. I truly recommend if you like throwback products, with great appeal and if you are a hoops fan you have got to give this one a try!

To see more and to find out more.. you have got to visit the Knights Lance official blog of Panini!

Box Breakers: 4 retail packs of Topps Football 2012

This was a bore break..but another Christmas present. I don' t know where the picture of the rookies went but there were a few rookies but no namers.
More inserts...I do like the mini's
Base cards
And the highlight of the break was this that you get off from the Game Time Giveaway cards:


I just got my Drew Brees one the other day and will request delivery on this one as well.

Without the Rice pull the break would have been very low rated. But I rate this a :


Fan Box Break-2011-2012 Limited Basketball

Another Box Break brought to you by Jammin JDcards! This time we go hoops and with a box of Limited Basketball 2011-2012. Here is how he did:

Here is what Jammin JDcards said about his break:

"This product comes with 6 cards and 3 hits per box. I am very torn with this stuff in the same way as I am with Prime Signatures. The value is potentially there but most of the time you don’t get much. This box contained a draft redemption auto of nobody worth mentioning, a nice throwback auto, a Garnett Jersey and a nice Spotlight Derrick Rose. The design is decent, the quality matches the price with a nice high gloss thick card and the value...well it is very inconsistent. I do enjoy breaking this product but at a very limited amount. 7/10 for Design, 9.25/10 for Quality, 6/10 for value due to extreme inconsistency."

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fan Box Break: 2012 Crown Royale Football

Another Fan Box Break brought to you by Jammin JDcards! This time the red hot Crown Royale Football and this break provided a pretty sweet hit of a top rookie running back.


Here is Jammin JD's Thoughts on Crown Royale Hobby Box 2012:
"I love Crown Royale, I loved it in the 90’s and for some reason I never get tired of it. This year’s product includes 20 cards and 4 hits in every box. The base set is the usual die-cut look with a foil crown. The base Auto’s are unfortunately sicker autos. There are numerous parallels with a different colored foil crown. The insert cards are the same as the retail version which is fine but I would like to have seen a little more variation in the designs. Unfortunately, my Rookie Silhouette is a redemption but it is a gold Doug Martin. While I am happy with this product I did feel like I was expecting more – maybe because the main hit was a redemption. I give this product an 8.5/10 for design, 9/10 for quality, and 8/10 for value."


My sister in law purchased one of these for my Christmas present out of curiosity. Inside was 3 packs shown below (I don't know where my other pics went anyway was a pack of Press Pass football '11) and an white envelope. Inside of it was a guaranteed hit. Wasn't the best player in the world but I like getting football pieces. Sometimes gets tiresome seeing jersey pieces.

Pack of Epix..a brand I wish Panini would bring back. Nothing too much in this pack
Pack of Gridiron Gear 09 with Tony Romo insert
The pull of the package
With not much excitement in here except wondering what that hit may be and the packs not providing much but base cards including the unpictured Press Pass ones. I wouldn't grade this too high. But there could be value to be found in this.

Overall I would rate this break based on cost versus what I got a :


Monday, January 14, 2013

Preview: Sp Authentic Football 2012

Sp Authentic continues to stick to its roots and thats what makes it so popular year in and year out. The 2012 edition comes with 100 card base set, 50 regualar card Sp's and 30 Sp Rookie Patch autos.

There will be 5 cards per pack, 24 packs per box with three autographs in every box! Includes One SP Rookie Auto Patch



New to this years product is the Sp Threads bonus packs that are randomly inserted and if you are lucky to find one they include One SP Threads Rookie Auto Jersey or SP Legendary Threads Auto Jersey inside each pack!

I think Upper Deck does a great job with their collegiate stuff. I just wished this product was back to its NFL roots. I really miss those days. Thats when I used to buy it. But for those of you Sp Authentic and Collegiate fans everywhere..this product is probably the best Sp Authentic yet.

To find out more and see more images go to this site:

Random Card Of The Day: Russell Wilson Pepsi Rookie Of The Year Prizm Card 2012

2012 Pepsi Max NFL Rookie of the Year 4 

My Vote for Rookie Of The Year goes to Russell Wilson. How can it not? He led his team on a improbable run in which they should be sitting in the NFC Championship game had it not been the coach trying to freeze Atlanta's kicker giving him a second chance in which he made it.

But we all have this decision to make. This was mine. What is yours? You can vote at through
9 p.m. EST on Tuesday, January 29 to determine the 2012 Pepsi Max NFL Rookie of the Year. The 2012 Pepsi Max NFL Rookie of the Year award will be announced on February 2, 9-11 p.m. EST on CBS.

Wilson was Selected in the third round out of Wisconsin, nobody gave him much of a chance except Pete Carroll who liked what he saw in the preseason and then handed him the full time job on opening day despite having spent a ton of money on another QB in free agency. He has arm and leg ability which helped him lead Seattle to11 wins and back into the playoffs. He finished his incredible regular season throwing for 3,118 yards, 26 touchdowns and had a 100.0 passer rating, which placed him as 4th best in the NFL. As for being nominated for Rookie Of The Week, he was nominated 8 times and only one once. Which I think a few times he should have gotten the vote.

Who do you think will be rookie of the year?


Found this hiding in a box of presents from my mother in law. She seems to have a nack for Topps and regular Topps Football. Like I said, I don't argue with her. She's been pretty lucky before and once again did well with this break.

This comes with one pack inside. 72 cards. 16 of which are rookies so it really works to your advantage.

The packaging

Base Cards

Rookies...Trent Richardson, Michael Floyd and Kendall Wright to name a few
You find one of these per pack

The nice surprise. Sp Variation Version of Alex Smith
Overall I would rate this break based on cost versus what I got a :