Saturday, April 20, 2013

FANdom Card Of The Day: 2012 Crown Royale Rookie Signatures Green #65 Matt Kalil/10

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2012 Crown Royale Rookie Signatures Green #65 Matt Kalil/10

Thanks to Jammin JDcards for providing us this card to show you guys today!

Ken Griffey Jr Cards Of The Week!

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Here are this weeks Ken Griffey Jr. Cards Of The Week. We realized we forgot to post it yesterday but remembered today. On this page we love the Spx baseball version with the hologram and die cut. The Topps Gallery we rather enjoy as well.

Which ones are your favorite and what are your thoughts on our Ken Griffey Jr. Cards Of The Week segment?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fan Box Break: 2009 Press Pass Stealth Racing

Jammin JDcards recently broke this and wanted us to share it for you guys to is the break!

 photo J008_zps9eab73c0.jpg   photo Picture7_zpsc5f00f1e.jpg

Here is what he thought of the break:
"2009 Press Pass Stealth – Picked this blaster up with a few other sale blasters at K-Mart. This break was entertaining as the cards are really colorful and bright. The base set is nice, there were 3 types of inserts – Mach 09, Confidential and Secret cards. The Confidential and Secret cards are interesting kind of an odd concept but cool. If you run across these blaster on sale somewhere I recommend grabbing 1 maybe 2 but no more than that. The redundancy is high."

Want to watch this box break?

FANdom Card Of The Day: 1998 Maxx Focus on a Champion Cel #FC2 Dale Jarrett

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1998 Maxx Focus on a Champion Cel #FC2 Dale Jarrett

Thanks to Jammin JDcards for providing us this card to show you guys today!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

FANdom Card Of The Day: 1978 TCMA 60'S I #262 Mickey Mantle

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1978 TCMA 60'S I #262 Mickey Mantle

Thanks to Jammin JDcards for providing us with this card for your viewing pleasure!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

FANdom Card Of The Day:Greats of the Game Autographs George Gervin 2005-06

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2005-06 Greats of the Game Autographs #GGGG George Gervin/250*

Thanks to Jammin JDcards for providing this card for us to post for FANdom Card Of The Day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Graded Cards..why we don't bother.

Grading cards seems to be the new thing of the hobby in the last 10 years, the problem I have with it is I am still in the old way of the hobby. I keep all of my cards in raw condition, meaning the way they came out of the package.

I just don't believe in grading cards. If I tell you a card is in great condition, it is. I don't need to spend $25 or more for someone else to tell you. And obviously if the centering is bad, you will see that as well with your own eyes. I have been in this hobby for almost 20 years and I know how to protect cards and keep them in great condition. I have learned a lot over the years. So to me, maybe not to you, I think grading cards are pointless.

I know a lot of people grade to get it in better condition in order to sell for more than it would go as a raw piece, but I don't sell and once again, if I did and if I told you it was in good condition I expect you to believe me. I would be honest whether it was Mint or whether it had a few rough patches. This was the way collecting used to be.

Now I do own a few graded cards, but only because they were free. When Beckett first got into grading they mailed out samples to customers who subscribed to their magazine. Here they are:

 photo IMG_8945_zps7acc7b01.jpg  

 photo IMG_7242_zps589c8fd9.jpg

 photo IMG_8604_zps9a5116da.jpg

 photo IMG_8660_zps8b9c6a05.jpg  
Another thing about graded cards is the hiked price people charge and people pay for them just because they are slabbed and have a number. As for buying a graded card online compared to a non graded card...I won't pay the extra. If there is a card I want and its not graded, as long as the seller is trusted, I will buy it. Why pay the extra for the same card you might get in the same condition ungraded?

For example, you can get a 1998 Peyton Manning Topps Finest ungraded rookie card for $27. Or you can buy the graded version with the slab and a number for $80. See what I mean. This is just some cases, you can find rare cases where the graded card might be a few dollars cheaper.

I know a few of you will not agree with my statements and I would love to hear about your grading stories in comments. And for those of you who are "old time" collectors who collect the old fashioned way of ungraded like us, I would love to hear from you as well.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Preview: 2013-14 NHL Upper Deck Trilogy

Releasing in July 2013 is Upper Deck's NHL Trilogy. In every box find the following:

Three Autographed Rookie Cards
One Additional Auto (RC or Base Set Parallel)
One Ice Scripts
One Signature Pucks card
One  UD Crystal Plexi-Glass card
Two Triple Jersey cards

There will be 5 cards per pack and 3 packs per Mini-Box. 

There are some incredible looking cards in this set and be the first one to get your hands onto the double rookie class!

Here is a small glimpse of what you can find!



What are your thoughts on this new product?

Cardsmith Breaks: 2012 Panini National Treasures Football Case Hit Recap

Starting new here on Sport Card Collectors, we want to share some of Cardsmiths breaks. Now, we don't want to give away all of the goods so you will have to watch the video break but we will share a couple of the hits.


Here is the video to the rest of the hits including a sick Michael Floyd booklet auto/patch!

Enjoy the video and give us your thoughts!