Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sport Card Blogs....

I have had this blog open for over a year now and I see every Sport Card blogger does something different from the ones I visit as well. Some do product previews, some do reviews, some talk about sports, some talk about their own collection, some share with you their life, some do contests, some do strictly Random Card posts, some do checklists and others rant about the hobby. Some may even do all of the above. My question to you is, what do you look for in a Sports Card Blog? There are millions of us so I am curious what you look for in a blog that keeps your attention and why you go back.

I would also find it interested in knowing what other blogs you visit? Is there any you recommend [other than this one of course ;)] I always enjoy reading other bloggers posts and being apart of the hobby as much as possible.

Some blogs I visit on a regular basis is Knights Lance (obviously) Sports Card Info,,  Busting Packs, 30-Year Old Cardboard, Night Owl Cards, and a few others time to time. Such as the ones on our blog list when they have a new post. I also use the ones on our blog list to visit other blogs too so if you have one maybe I have already visited it.

If you have a blog and want to add us to your blog list, we will add you to ours just let us know! If you already have us and we don't have you, please let us know that as well so we can add you. Sharing is caring and we are all in this hobby together! I know some have preferences, I don't, if you want to exchange links, lets do it!

Comment below about the blogs you visit and why! Would love to hear your feedback!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Keeping the hobby alive....Part 2

Last Saturday I published a story on here about keeping the hobby alive. Here it is if you missed it:

I had mentioned having yearly Yard Sales where I box up cards in big shipping boxes, shoe boxes and more for only $1 a box such as these:

 photo IMG_3967_zpsce9f1cb1.jpg 

But another thing I forgot to mention is that I also put together sandwich bags packed with cards and sell those for 50 cents a bag. In those bags I put star players in them along with popular team players. The one thing I didn't realize was my lack of basketball cards in the boxes and bags. I had mostly baseball and football.

My realization of lack of basketball cards came when a 8 year old or so boy approached me about some. His passion for basketball and the hobby shined through talking about the game and collecting so I gave him the only basketball cards I had, a small white box of them. Most of those were from 1999-2000. He was grateful as he bragged to his brothers and mom about his free box of cards but I could tell that it may not have been exactly what he was looking for.

He then began to dig through the sandwich bags looking for NBA cards. I thought there were some in there and told him so, but after searching through all of them we didn't find one. I couldn't just leave someone who was looking for something empty handed. So I asked him what he was looking for, in response I get a quite, "Newer Players".

I couldn't just let him leave without some. So I went inside my house and dug into my PC to find some cards of newer players. I stumbled upon Panini Basketball 12-13 and knew that would be my quickest way of finding newer players since I thought the mom was ready to leave and the fact my collection is in shambles right now as I am resorting

 photo IMG_9262_zpseeef824a.jpg 

I quickly scooped up players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Jason Kidd, Ricky Rubio, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James among many others and some from his favorite team the Celtics and bagged them up. I brought these out to him and said, "here, hope you enjoy" Watching his eyes light up as he went through the pile made my day. He skipped back to his vehicle showing his brothers and his mom. I knew then I had done good in making a future hobbyists day and help keeping the hobby alive.

What is something that you have done to help keep the hobby alive? Or do you have any great stories to like this to share? Would love to hear about it in comments!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tips On Collecting: Best Retail Buys

In order to stay in this hobby, I can't always afford the expensive boxes or even hobby boxes most of the time. I know a lot of you can't either. Sometimes to satisfy myself of a break I have to do it retail style. I may also try out the retail version before breaking into the hobby version in the future.

I have found when buying retail there are no guarantees. Unless you buy a blaster box with one. Retail packs can produce hits but the odds are way against you. Even so more now with the world of pack searchers. So to me, I look for certain things when wanting that retail break. I mostly try to stick to blaster boxes.

Here are some tips on getting the best value buys from Retail Blaster Boxes:

1. I search for the shelves for the word Chrome or Platinum. The one thing you can be assured of when buying something with these words is value. I have always gotten my $20 worth out of a blaster or even my $3 worth buying packs and the odds for hitting an autograph seem higher. There is always a ton of value in Chrome. Mostly because of its popularity.

2. Blasters that guarantee a hit. Ones that don't guarantee a hit are harder to get value back from but certain ones like Topps Heritage or Gypsy Queen may produce a hit here or there. But if you don't get that hit, its hard to get your value back. I try to avoid Upper Deck retail blasters due to the lack of hits and they never have guaranteed ones from what I have seen. Score is always a great buy at $9.99 with it being rookie and insert loaded and possibly having an autograph inside.

3. Mark Downs. At the end of a year, places like Walmart and Target will put 20% stickers on most of the previous years products. And may also bring back some other years products as well . These I try to look for the guaranteed hits but if they are running between $9.99-$11.98 I don't worry so much about that and find the risk worth the possible return.

4. I like the combo boxes Topps does. Topps will take 3-5 retail packs of a product. Throw in a bonus refractor card then add in a hobby pack. These usually run around $15 but thats a lot cheaper than buying them separately. I actually hit a red auto numbered to #62 out of hobby Heritage packs in one of the baseball versions that had 5 packs of Topps series 1 included. Also got a Mickey Mantle refractor. Thats what I call a great retail break.

These are methods that I use to get retail cards. I will do a rack packs or regular packs here and there but the best value is in blaster boxes.The rack packs that come with bonuses are not bad buys. As stated above, when buying rack packs the words Chrome and Platinum are best. I have seen some huge hits from those. Ones like Sage and Press Pass are tough buys. Rare hits and just plain base cards. Just make sure you read the rack packs before buying.

Retail packs themselves I avoid. Pack searchers destroy not only the chances of getting a hit but even the cards. They due this to rack packs as well, but its not as easy.

Let me know some of your retail buying tips or what you thought of mine. Also if there are other tips you would like to hear on collecting, let me know. I will give you my best answer.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Panini Gaining Momentum For The 2013 Football Season

10 packs....10 autographs or memorabilia cards with 5 autographs guaranteed...I would say that Panini is gaining Momentum in releasing Momentum Football into their 2013 NFL lineup.

Last year Panini brought back this early 2000's product and as always when they bring back a product they add a Panini twist to them.

2013 Momentum Football Kaepernick   

The base card design is very similar to last years with the Momentum symbol behind the brightly colored player that is printed on white cardboard. If it is exactly like last years this will also be a thick card stock. I really like the thick base cards like this with colorless borders. Leads to less and less chipping.

2013 Momentum Football Smith   

I think this layout and design for the rookies in this years product are much better than last years. The player off to the left with the pieces and autos on the right stand out. Last years had the player "sitting on top" of the jersey pieces and autographs. This design is much more classier for a high end release.

2013 Momentum Football Manning Woodson Taylor 

I really like this idea. Brings back autos from players you might not see very much on cardboard now a days. Such as Charles Woodson and Fred Taylor and group them with their draft class. The combinations should be impressive and I can't wait to see who they combined on these. There are triple and quad autos of these.

The 2013 NFL Panini products seem to be more and more impressive as more and more images being released. Soon Score Football will kickoff the NFL Football card season followed by Prestige, Elite, and Momentum in Late July. Though this years rookie class may not be impressive yet, the cards at least for the upcoming season should be.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fan Box Break: Totally Certified Basketball 2012-2013

Once again, freudinio, our overseas follower, contacted us and wanted us to share this break with you! One of my favorite products for both basketball and football.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on his break as well.

 photo 20130506_105227_zpsde6653b3.jpg    photo 20130506_105145_zpsabcd145c.jpg 

 photo 20130506_105004_zps2be09bfc.jpg    photo 20130506_104901_zps7b0b0eea.jpg 

 photo 20130506_104752_zps49cd296b.jpg   photo 20130506_104647_zps1774ca09.jpg 

Here is freudinio thoughts on his break:
"Hey guys, I am back with another break. This time I tried my hand at the Totally Certified 2012/13 product, as I had read reviews on it and it seemed to score fairly high. The product is fun to open and I had atleast one Totally Red (numbered to 499) in every pack. I also had a pack that contained 6 cards instead of the normal 5 cards, which was just an added bonus.

Overall this product looks really great, even the base cards stand out with their silver rough surface. The checklist of this product is massive, with only a few players missing (the more prominent one, being Damian Lillard - there is only a base version). And you are guaranteed 3 Autos and 3 Game Used. Definitely one of the more fun products I have opened this far, as there are plenty hits per pack and with 6 packs per box."

Thanks to freudinio for sharing this break with us. If you have a break to share, email us at with pics and a small write up.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tips on Collecting: Pricing (Updated)

One of the many searches that leads people to this blog is for pricing of a card. The blog gets the searches for the pricing of cards, but I also get get them from Twitter, Facebook and email. This is something I will do my best to help with. But I can tell that my answers sometimes don't always satisfy. So I thought while I am at it, I would do a post based around how I get pricing for cards. Here are the ways I get pricing:
  1. Beckett Sports Card Monthly. I have a subscription to it
  2. I buy 1 of each of the Beckett main sport magazines such as basketball, football, baseball once a year. I don't find prices change that much on older product to invest into getting them on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Key times to buy them is after a team has won a championship as thats where the biggest movement will come from.
  3. I use eBay. eBay is key for newer products and low numbered products that aren't priced in a magazine.
I have always used Beckett as my main source of pricing so by getting the Beckett Sports Card Monthly it covers the new releases (a few previous years as well) main sports along with some non ones as well. Of course with this being a multi sport magazine, you will not get all of the pricing you need and thats why I go to number 2 on my list. I buy one of each of the sports I collect magazines such as Beckett Football, Beckett Baseball and so on. And I usually buy them after a championship game such as the World Series or the Super Bowl. Players performances and players who win the big game will make or break their values. Which is why I wait to buy the magazines after those times. Then you can also backtrack to older cards as well.

Colin's card values went up after he took his team on a run
After finally winning the big game, Joe's cards took a hike. They hadn't gone anywhere all season til then
And lastly, when you get a big hit such as a 1/1 or other really low numbered card you know Beckett won't list I use eBay to gauge the value. For example, we recently pulled a Lenny Wilkens auto numbered to 5 from Preferred basketball. I searched Lenny Wilkens autographs, checked out ones pulled from Preferred basketball first. Then looked at the numbering of the cards and found a couple comparable. I  followed that up with a  search for different products to find comparable autographs and numbering. I found the one that is closest in numbering and product which I found a Preferred Choice Award card numbered to 5 and it was selling for a Buy It Now price of $49. Assuming most sell half book or so, we put the value of this card at around $100-$110. I may go back time to time to see if more of this similar card are listed to help more accurately price the card. Now this may not be the best way of pricing it, but it works. The quickest way  I found to depict a price is using Buy It Now. Now that may not be what people actually pay for the card (I actually do Buy It Now only when I am on eBay to ensure I get the card or cards I want) but its an easy way to get a roundabout number. Some may pay more or less.

But in case you are not  looking so much in terms of what a card is worth and want to know what its selling for especially if you are one who sells, you can use the advanced search option on eBay and choose completed auctions that will give you a couple weeks sales on a card. (Note: Some of this information was provided to us by fan AdamE.).

 photo IMG_7056_zpse1c30134.jpg
This was a nice haul from Panini Preferred
That works for really low numbered cards only. For cards that just hit the market and you know are not listed yet in the Price Guides, I take the average Buy It Now price and use that as its value. Now also with this being said, I don't take in account the crazy numbers some people use to sell cards for. You can weed out some to find your average value. For example, most may list a Bryce Harper Bowman rookie card for an average price of $12-$15 each leading to a $25-$30 Book Value. A few may list that card for $40 each. Now, with the majority of the card priced between $12-$15 that is the number I will use. Some people way over price. You can see this for yourself when searching and know what to look for.

These two methods may take awhile but I find them to be efficient til the newest Beckett Sports Card Monthly comes out. The values I put together most of the time are pretty close to whats listed. Most dealers, card shops, and companies online (such as Panini when they do redemption card replacements) use Beckett for their pricing. I have always used them. There are some out there that are against using Beckett, but most everybody does. You gotta stick with what works and what everyone else uses.

I hope this helps everyone with pricing. Remember this is my method of doing it. Some may have other methods especially those that sell cards. I am just giving you tips on how I price my cards. You may or may not agree with my method and since I don't sell anything so for me its just about the value for my own piece of mind and this is how I find pricing for it.

Let us know your thoughts on our pricing methods and if there are any other Tips on Collecting you would like to hear let us know those as well and maybe they will be our next post!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Countdown to Panini's Father's Day Promo 2013 Begins!

As most know, I am a fan of what Panini America has been doing. And one of my favorite things is their special promotions such as Black Friday and one thats coming up soon in Father's Day. Without an LCS nearby its hard to participate in these promotions at one but luckily last year I was able to participate when I was on vacation (I must also note that there is an online component)

My review of last years promo of the packs I broke can be found here:

Yesterday Panini revealed some of the base cards (can't wait til they reveal the autographs and memorabilia for this set as well) for this years 44 card set and I am impressed. Panini took classic themes from when I had first started collecting and brought them back for 2013. This really makes me sit back and think about the times I collected with my dad. And I think these designs will do that and that was the plan for this years set by Panini. Whether you were a son or daughter collecting with your dad, or a dad collecting with your son or daughter these designs should bring up those classic collecting memories.

Studio Posey

Who didn't have some Studio cards in their collection? This was always unique since the card is all about the player and not so much the field. Its almost like a year book photo on cardboard. I remember trying to complete the set and display them in an album. Makes me want to go and find them now....

Panini America Team Pinnacle Harper 

Dual sided Team Pinnacle returns bringing you back two stars on a piece of cardboard. Brought me back to when I pulled a Ken Griffey Jr version once and thought I had won a million dollars. Still gives me shivers as it was one of my favorite insert pulls for awhile when I was a kid.

Panini America Museum Brett 

And who could ever forget Museum Collection. I do wish these were done in the Dufex technology however since thats the way I remember them but I am still very impressed with the design done here. 

Whether young or old, this years Fathers Day set should help give you the extra boost to get out to your LCS and participate (or at least participate in the online version). Not to mention you can use Fathers Day as leverage for why you are buying extra boxes or packs of cards that day.