Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mail Day From F3 Sports Cards


Won this amazing card just for helping out F3 Sports Cards on Twitter @FAIRCHILDIII this is one of many giveaways he has done. I even saw someone win a autograph Mike Trout mini card from Archives. It was mind blowing and that was just for joining in on his chat room. He gives out cards, packs, and so on. So if you are not following him, do so. Great giveaways and nice to talk sports cards with. 

This is my very first Inception card and its an auto prospect one to boot. These look much more impressive in person. I kind of questioned the design early on with it's artsy appeal. Not as bad when you are holding it.

Let me know your thoughts on this mail day.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Favorite 1990's Football Inserts

Welcome to 90's insert weekend here at Sport Card Collectors! Today, we kick it off with NFL Inserts. Now, it would be completely impossible to cover all of them. So we went through and picked out a few that stood out to us. Remember, that these cards are not about the player or team on the card. It's all about the card itself.

Take a minute to ponder through these. Try not to drool on your keyboard as you eye gaze through this amazing spectacle.

Panini attempted a Epix Product in 2010..but only lasted one year. I am sure they got the idea from this insert
This came from Fleer 1995. This is not the Flair product but the Flair Preview Insert from it. Really dig the design.
One of my favorite inserts of all time

Cool Design

Felt feeling to the card

Miss SportFlix...
We hope you enjoyed this gallery and hopefully didn't wet your shirt too much. As always give us your thoughts and comments because they are welcomed!

Favorite 1990's Basketball Inserts

Welcome to 90's insert weekend here at Sport Card Collectors! Today, we move onto the NBA Inserts. We don't have quite as many as we used to have but found the best we have remaining. Remember, that these cards are not about the player or team on the card. It's all about the card itself.

Take a minute to ponder through these. Try not to drool on your keyboard as you eye gaze through this amazing spectacle.

Beam Team. Stadium club had some bold inserts in the 90's
These always brought the shimmer to Topps packs
Chrome..enough said...refractor at that...
Always been a fan of Upper Deck's holoview use on cards

Dual Sided Card from Skybox..boy miss their cards
The one thing we regret is trading off our 90's basketball inserts about 5 years ago. There was great stuff lost in that trade such as refractors, Michael Jordan's, and even some rookie card inserts that included Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan. In return looking back, we gained very little compared to what they are worth now and what we had gotten in return. We got rid of them becaus we were moving away from basketball cards at that time and trying to condense our collection. NEVER AGAIN will this happen! 

90's basketball inserts are market HOT in now-a-day time! The popularity of these types of inserts have gone through the roof as collectors have chased them down in recent years and these have appeared on Beckett's Top 20 Hot List ahead of hot NBA auto/jersey rookie cards for most of the past year. Most popular players from that era for inserts are of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Some have sold for incredible amounts. Yes, as I type that I am banging my head on the keyboard thanks for checking in ;)

Let us know your thoughts on our NBA 90's inserts post! Tell us about your 90's basketball inserts as well. Comments are encouraged!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Best Football Subset Design Ever

While flipping through my football card collection the other day, I came across some cards I had forgotten about. A subset that for me was a must have at its time of release and one that I still have til this day. If you don't know what a subset is, it's a set within a normal base set. So instead of seeing the same base card or rookie card, they sometimes break up a set with a special title usually like All-Star or All-Pro or Legend.

This particular subset came from 1995 Skybox Football. A company that is no longer on the market but at that time was very popular. Especially for me. The Subset was called Mirror Image. The design is spectacular. I had forgotten about how great it was til I stumbled upon it again. Now, there is one thing I must argue with the players on the cards Not all of the players are mirror images of each other. However, at that time, it may have appeared that they were heading that way. They paired up rookies from the 1994 class with a star. I think if we were to redo these now-a-days we would definitely make a few changes.

I didn't get the chance to get all of them together, but wanted to at least give you a few to show you an example of why I believe this is THE BEST DESIGNED FOOTBALL SUBSET EVER.  The player on top is the front of the card. The player below is on the bottom. It's easy to tell which player goes with which.






What I love most about the design is the the jersey waving in the background of the mirrored player. And the color scheme too with the nice blends from the players chosen together.

Most companies don't spend a lot of time on their base sets and especially subsets anymore. Yes, I know the hobby will never be like it was in the 90's. But, hopefully some companies will dip back into time and take some of the efforts that were put in back then when the hobby was at it's highest popularity. I think it would be a great asset to the hobby.

Let us know if you have ever seen these? Do you consider them like we do the BEST FOOTBALL SUBSET DESIGN EVER or do you have another in mind? As always, your comments are welcomed!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Hobby Pack Break Of UD's Goodwin Champions 2013

Recently picked up 5 HOBBY packs of Goodwin Champions 2013. Despite not hitting it big, I still thought it was a very fun bust and that the product is very well done by Upper Deck. I hope they continue on with this product for 2014 which I assume they will. It's one of the best.

Goodwin Champions combines many sports and many unique concepts. Some of my favorite parts of Goodwin Champions is the Animal Kingdom patches, chances at Entomology with pieces of bugs and their Museum Pieces with dinosaur pieces and antique western pieces from the early 1900's. Not to mention the It Came From Outer Space meteor relics. How cool are these?!!!

Here's how we did with 5 Hobby packs:

Base Card
Glad to have found this guy in the packs
Unique "painting" photo's used. This was one of the favorites from the 5 packs.
Unique Concept
Fronts of our mini's
We pulled one base mini, one canvas mini and one Lady Luck mini
Let us know your thoughts on our 5 Hobby Pack Break and what your thoughts are on Goodwin Champions? Are you as big of a fan as we are?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good Bye For Now The Football Briefing

It was a very hard decision to make, but we have decided to retire The Football Briefing Blog for now. We love the sport of Football and gave it our all on the blog. But the support and numbers just weren't there for us to continue on. We originally thought about deleting it, but instead, we will preserve it just in case one day we go back.

On an average day, we got only 11 views. When putting up a post, we averaged 27. Just didn't seem the time we were putting in on the blog was equaling out the feedback we had hoped for. Comments on our posts were rare as well.

However, with this being said, we WILL keep open the Facebook Page for The Football Briefing. That is not where we want it either, but hopefully we can build it up. So if you haven't yet, go LIKE The Football Briefing on Facebook here:

Thanks for all of you who did visit our NFL opinionated blog. And let us know your thoughts on the blog and about us not continuing on with it.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mail Day From Hartland


Got this in the mail over the weekend from a contest we won from Hartland on Twitter, a company known for their sports figures, autographed figures and many other collectibles since 1941 has been hosting some sport card giveaways on Twitter to build up their following.

The wanting of this card was bad. Andre Johnson is one of the NFL's best Wide Receivers and we have yet to own a rookie card of his. With this not only being his rookie, but also including a piece of jersey and being a product in Leaf Certified Materials that we are a big fan of, it was a a sweet victory and a PC score.

Let us know your thoughts on this mail day.