Saturday, September 21, 2013

The 2013 Yard Sale Find Of The Year

Every summer I search the local papers for yard sales that contain the and they have been lacking so far. The few that I found didn't have much there and one was sold out before my arrival. Two weekends ago, I finally stumbled upon an add that said, TONS OF BASEBALL CARDS. And you know I had to jump on that.

Upon my arrival I had no clue what to expect. Was it going to be like the yard sale I call "THE YARD SALE" or will it be just a couple of baseball card boxes. When I got there I immediately bolted for the table that had the cards on it. And there was no shortage of them. Boxes were marked with years and brands. There were singles. There were magazines. There were packs that were opened and just placed there. There was mainly baseball cards but a few football, WNBA and basketball sprinkled in. And there was a lot of hope in the pile of cards. Now if there was only enough money in the wallet to take it all.

When finding out my interest in the baseball cards (she must had seen me drooling over all of them), a lady approached me and said this wasn't all she had. She had a basement full. I was in shock. She said she once collected but had lost interest in the hobby around 2003 and at this point just wanted them out of the house. This was sad to me. Despite cards that I really wanted sitting in front of me, a lost collector meant more. We need to keep the hobby alive and collectors collecting. I didn't get into anymore specifics on why she got done as the yard sale started to fill with cars and she had to tend to other things. I asked how much things were since they weren't marked. She said to make a pile and she would throw a number at me because she really needed the room in her house and the more I took, the better the deal. I honestly wanted to say I will take both of the full tables and your basement stash but knew my cash flow wasn't high enough most likely.

So I rummaged through trying to find important years and brands. I took the three boxes of singles (these are always a fun search through), a box packed with assorted year white boxes (not all full), and few other odds and end boxes. $30 later (all I had sadly and luckily all she asked for) and I took this home to go through. But before I left, the lady told me that she would be having another sale in the spring if I was interested in coming back for more since I was the only one who bought any (another sad thing about this story as it shows a decline in others interest as well) and I told her as Arnold Schwarzenegger would have, "I'll Be Back." She responded with a smile.

I will be however sharing our results from the dig through as we will break down each box to show you the best cards. It may take a few weeks to go through it all, if not more, will post each box separately along the way.  Thought it would be a fun post to do. I haven't searched through very much yet but the parts I have I did stumble upon some rookie cards, inserts from the 90's and a few autos and jersey cards. So it should be a very fun journey that I will be taking you on as well.

Let me know your thoughts on this find and what great finds you have ever had at a Yard Sale.

Friday, September 20, 2013

3 Pack Break of 2013 Topps Big League Mini's Baseball

Topps seems to be finding their inner child in unique collectibles of recent. First it was the Qubi Stamps and now it's Topps Big League Mini's. Vinyl Figures of 28 of your favorite MLB Stars. There are also special rare variants randomly placed in certain packs. And to be honest, can't tell you if we pulled one. We just wanted to see what all of the hype was about.

So now onto what was pulled. There is one vinyl figure per pack. Prices range from $5-$7 per pack depending on where you buy.

Albert Pujols
Stephen Strasburg
Joe Mauer
 And here is the checklist you find one per pack

We find the price of these a little steep. Something more around $3.99 or $4.99 would have been better. Most of the figures are $7.99 and to be honest, we would rather put money into a more realistic figure such as a McFarlane. These are more of a fun collectible (something you would display on your desk at work, let your kids play with or maybe feed your most hated player to your dog) and not really much in terms of valuable collectible like a McFarlane figure like that would keep protected in its original packaging. That's why I would take the price down a little. You pay more than probably what the figure is worth.

But don't get me wrong however. These are very well done figures and should be a fun collectible for those who are willing to pay the price to try and put the set together. If Topps gets the price point to drop, that would help.

Let us know your thoughts on this product.Do you agree with the price? Would you collect them?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Entertaining Upper Deck NPN Mail Day


For the first time ever, we got a pack of cards as a NPN mail day. A unique Marvel trading card game pack from Upper Deck Entertainment branch that promises 10 cards per pack and 1 rare card.



This was a bit of fun to break. Now if only we can teach ourselves the game :) In the meantime, they will become collectibles.

Let us hear your thoughts on this NPN Mail Day and if you have had any success in using the Upper Deck NPN online program.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scheels Mini Bat Mail Day


This summer Scheels held a contest asking what your favorite baseball team was and they were giving away 10 Louisville Slugger mini bats to random people who responded. My answer of Yankees was randomly chosen. Despite a couple of months wondering if the prize would arrive after the arrival date kept being pushed off, it did safely.

Obviously with this being a mini bat we have no intentions of using it in a game of baseball. Though the sturdiness of the bat might hold up. That's gotta be because it's a Louisville Slugger. However, this one will be used for decoration purposes or maybe if headed to a baseball game would be something sweet to get signed then displayed.

A thanks goes out to Scheels for the contest and prize.

Let us know your thoughts on this mail day.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Player Of The Day Promo Comes To Sport Card Collectors 2013

We are VERY PROUD to announce that we have been chosen once again to host the blogger promotion of Panini's NFL Player Of The Day promotion! We had great success with last years Player Of The Day blogger promotion, our first one. And of course we couldn't have done it without you guys! This year, we are hoping to top that one! Especially since we have grown our fan base so much from last year!

Here are links to how last years contests were run and it shows the incredible prizes we handed away as well:
If you are unfamiliar with Panini's Player Of The Day promotion click the logo above that will lead you directly to Panini's Player Of The Day website that also has fun stuff to read as well. But do remember, just don't participate here, participate at your local participating card shop that you can find located HERE for U.S.and Canadian Residents.

Here are some of the cards you could find inside promo packs of Player Of The Day when participating at your local LCS:

Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (1)    Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (10) 

Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (17)     Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (18) 

Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (23)  Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (31) 

Now onto our promo. We will not be releasing info on our promo quite yet. Probably will start next week. We are in the process of getting prizes together for this promotion and finishing up a few ideas. But let us start by telling you it will be like no contest we have ran on here before (except one part is taken from last years promo but improved). We will cover those of you who don't have a participating hobby shop, those of you who do, and those of you who like to have fun. There will be 3-4 different parts to participate in. Each is different and the level of prizes will be different as well depending on the challenge. The ONE THING WE ASK FROM YOU IS TO CLICK ONTO THE PLAYER OF THE DAY IMAGE LINK DAILY to find out new info and to show Panini this blog has support of you guys so we can continue to host this contest in the future.

So keep your eyes out next week as we will be revealing what our Promo is about and so you can start to plan on how you want to enter!

Monday, September 16, 2013


Here is our second entry into the NY Giants/Panini America Promo Contest!

All you have to do to enter is comment with the Total Points for this game without going over. Remember that cards only get added to the pot if the Giants win this game. However, you can still "win" for the week either way. The person with the most "wins" at the end of the year wins the pot.

The Week 1 of our contest victory goes to Zac Smith who guessed the score of 64 right on!. Congrats!

So far the pot is empty after the first week as the Giants fell hard to the Broncos. We were not impressed at all by that game. The second half of the game the Giants did not come to play. However, we may add two cards to the pot this week if the Giants can finally win a game.

Here are the updated standings:

Zac Smith      1 WIN



CONTEST! Win A Spot In The Pack Gamblers Prizm Hockey Break!

Well, our friends, The Pack Gambler have graciously offered up a FREE spot in their Prizm Hockey 13-14 break!

You can buy additional spots HERE.

Some info on the break is here:

"The Pack Gambler added 5 bonus hit draws: 2012-13 Panini Titanium Marian Hossa Patch, 2012-13 Panini Crown Royale Kris Letang Relic, 2007-08 UD SPX Joe Sakic Dual Relic, 2008-09 Upper Deck SPx Dual Relic Gaborik & Bouchard and a 2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Triple Relic Karlsson Backstrom Zetterberg

Each 2013 Panini Prizm Hockey Hobby Box yields the following: 

20 pack with 6 cards per pack
- 2 Autograph cards, 3 Prizm Parallels, 8 Short Prints or Inserts, 1 Rookie Card in Every Pack!


The Pack Gambler Guarantee:

Every customer in this break will receive the following:
- 15% off Coupon for your next purchase within the store (excludes box breaks)
- Mixed Team Lot
- 1 sealed Hockey Pack"

 (The above info was provided by The Pack Gambler site)

Embedded image permalink

To enter this contest, we want you to pick the winner and score of this NHL preseason game:

Toronto at Buffalo

As a tiebreaker, we want you to give us the total amount of Penalty Minutes in the game or PIM. The person closest to the PIM without going over would be considered the winner of the tie breaker.

Your entries should look like the following:

Toronto 4-2
44 PIM

Entries must be made by 7:00 pm e.t. by Saturday September 21st. BOX BREAK IS ON SEPTEMBER 25TH.



Another Retro Upper Deck NPN Mail Day

Being unable to afford some products, such as Fleer Retro, has led us to entering Upper Deck's NPN online program to try and win FREE cards from the product. Unlike yesterday's post with an autograph from Fleer Retro Hockey 12-13, today's is just an insert. But being a fan of Fleer Products, seeing an unautographed Rookie Sensation card isn't a bad mail day by any means.


Hopefully at some point Jarius Wright will step up into a top receiver because for some reason we keep having luck finding him in packs and now for a NPN mail day.

Let us hear your thoughts on our Fleer Retro mail day and if you have tried the product.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Upper Deck NPN Mail Day

Another great card addition from Upper Deck's NPN online program. We have had a ton of success with it. And it's so easy! Not every card that comes is an autograph or jersey card, but sometimes they are. Such as in this case. Great Fleer Retro addition from Upper Deck's Fleer Retro Hockey 12-13.


Let's here your thoughts on this mail day and if you have had any success with Upper Deck's NPN program.