Saturday, November 16, 2013

Yard Sale Find: # 14

We recently posted about a Yard Sale we went to and picked up a bunch of sports cards at (mostly baseball). We thought it would be fun to take you on the journey with us to discover what is inside of every box, every single we got picking out the best ones along the way to show. We hope you enjoy the trip and comments are always welcomed.

Looks like Raghib Ismail had some fun back in the day along with Brien Taylor (I know you guys who loaded up on his rookies are shuttering with that name) and Russell Maryland.


A ton of these were found. Most average a value of $1. Jeff Bagwell comes in as most valuable at $3.



These were interesting....


A card set I didn't know about or have any I do. I was at one point a HUGE Clemens fan..then came the steroid accusations....



Since I found these in the middle of the box, thought I would post them about in the middle. Not much in terms of big names here, but I like old school football. Years range in the 70's.

A lot of Baseball Heroes and Classic Baseball finds.

My man! KGJR! 

I thought this card was pretty cool. I know Pro Cards aren't usually worth diddly,  But I like finding cards of players at the beginning of their careers.

I don't know who this person was trying to sell this card to but wow. Big price difference now.

I like older Marvel card finds.

Complete set!

You just gotta love what Upper Deck brought to baseball cards. Especially the photography. One thing I have found out from this Yard Sale find is how popular Upper Deck baseball cards were for this person. And I can't argue with that. I used to collect mainly them as well. If only we can go back in time and change the licensing agreements.

These are not at all worth $4.50 each. Prices for these must have been worth more back then. You are lucky to get $4.50 for all of them. However, I must note, I have always been a fan of Gwynns. He never got much spotlight for being the incredible hitter he was. Playing in San Diego probably didn't help.

I really like this card. And the full set is here as well. Frank Thomas was one of the greats.

I wish companies, especially Upper Deck, would dig back into holograms.They are just fun.

Complete sets of each. From what I read about these, cause I hadn't heard of them, they were produced in the 80's and 90's and had action shots, full bleed color photos but no true licensing by a real company. I guess they somewhat flooded the market back then. They also have blank backs.

Interesting to see this guy in a Soccer set.

Anyone want a Canseco base for $10? Or how about a Deion Sanders for $10? Both have a BV of $1


Overall, not bad finds here. Some interesting ones buried within. Such as the football cards and Marvel ones. I like the small insert sets and the Frank Thomas set is probably my favorite of the group. And of course the Griffey Jr's and 90's inserts are nice additions as well.

It did crack me up to see the prices this person must have tried to sell or maybe they bought them for the at one point. Cause now-a-days, you probably can't even get a 10th of that value.

Let us know what you think on this find.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013


Here is our NINTH entry into the NY Giants/Panini America Promo Contest!

All you have to do to enter is comment with the Total Points for this game without going over. Remember that cards only get added to the pot if the Giants win this game. However, you can still "win" for the week either way. The person with the most "wins" at the end of the year wins the pot.

The Week 8 of our contest victory goes to aa8a5804-8a87-11e2-ad83-000bcdcb8a73 who guessed the score of 40 when the total of the Giants/Raiders Game was 44.

GIANTS WIN!! GIANTS WIN!!! Not only do they win..YOU DO!! We have added another card to the pot bumping it up to 5. Let's keep the Gmen rolling!!

Here are the updated standings:

Zac Smith                               2 WIN
Mrblu1976                             1 WIN

Scott N.                                 1 WIN 
Dennis                                    1 WIN
JJ HERNANDEZ                   1 WIN 
aa8a5804-8a87-11e2-ad83-000bcdcb8a73 1 WIN
JAMIE B                                1 WIN




Turnout was a little slow this year on our MAIN CONTEST for Panini Player Of The Day. But we really appreciate those who put forth the effort! And boy did they ever put forth an effort!

mrblu1976                                      136 points
Jason B                                           52 points
Miami Vice                                     18 points
Nick Mikulicich Jr.                          10 points
Jamie B                                            8 points

Everyone who entered this contest at least wins a prize. But only 3 could land the big prizes. And here they are:

1st Place goes to mrblu1976 and he will Score This impressive Lot:

8 Card Autograph and Jersey Card Lot
5 Pack Lot Of BCW Magnetic Holders
Player Of The Day 2013 T

2nd Place is Jason B and he Will Score:
2 Autographs and 3 High Quality Magnet Holders.
Panini Pin Drive to keep all of your card info on

3rd Place Miami Vice Will Receive:
3 Numbered Card Lot. Vincent Jackson # to 49 plus bonus inserts too!
Since EVERYONE who enters this part of the promotion will receive something, everyone who doesn't get into the TOP 3 spots will receive an envelope like this with 3-5 Panini insert cards. Some will be numbered. The two getting these envelopes is Nick Mikulicich Jr and Jamie B.
Winners please email us at with your addresses so we can get these prizes out to you. Please also send a picture of you with the prizes or at least your prizes when you receive them. Might help us towards participating again next year :)

Thank you for your participation and we hope to do this again next year! Still more Player Of The Day contests coming up!


FANdom Card Of The Day: 2012 Ace Authentic Grand Slam 3 Dual Player Memorabilia Shirt Rafael Nadal/Maria Sharapova

2012 Ace Authentic Grand Slam 3 Dual Player Memorabilia Shirt #DMS9 Rafael Nadal/Maria Sharapova

Thanks to Jammin JDcards for providing us today with a FANdom Card!

Player Of The Day Canadian Contest Winners Announced!

The turnout for this contest was very disappointing as only 3 participated. So all this means is that finding two winners wasn't that hard. Thanks goes out to the three who participated in this part of the promotion and we appreciate your hard work.

The final day of this contest was crazy as we had the most entries we had the entire contest! A HUGE comeback for Dpan who started yesterday with 2 points and ends up coming back for the win!

1st Place goes out to:Dpan
2nd Place goes out to:  mrblu1976

Here were the final standings:
Dpan                  30 points
mrblu1976          24 points
blair burnside      22  points 

Dpan, we need you to pick out which two redemption cards you would like the codes off from. You can email us at or contact us via Twitter with them once your selection is made and we will get those codes to you. Here are your choices again:

**  Ed Davis is a young up and coming player who currently plays for the Memphis Grizzlies an up and coming team. This card is also signed on White Canvas from the high end basketball product Elite Series**

** Terry Porter was drafted 24th by the Portland Trail Blazers in the 1985 NBA Draft where he went on to play ten seasons making two All-Star Game appearances. Porter spent 17 years in league as a player. Not much after retiring in 2002, he jumped into coaching and has been head coach twice, first with Milwaukee Bucks and then with the Phoenix Sun. He is now an assistant with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Due to him being in the Elusive Ink set, you won't find too many of his autographs out on the market. Here is your chance to own it!**

**And a redemption card for a Jordan Reed Momentum Football Rookie Signature 2013. Reed has looked great so far with the Washington Redskins as a TE. He was selected in the third round of this years draft. Some of his cards, especially autographs, are starting to see up arrows on the market**

After your selection is made Dpan, the remaining card goes to Mrblu1976. Mrblu1976 you can email us and we will give you the remaining redemption code.

Congrats to our two winners and thanks to those who participated!

Dual Prime Jersey Card Mail Day From Jammin JDcards

The one thing about working with great people here at Sport Card Collectors, is being able to search their sites for items you are looking for. Such goes for BCW Supplies, Panini America, The Pack Gambler and what this post is about Jammin JDcards. They may also give you a heads up about something beforehand you may be looking for or something they know you like.

So searching Jammin JDcards I knew I wanted some Giants cards. I particularly wanted something David Wilson. Despite a down year when it was expected to be huge, I still have faith that next year will be a turning point for him when healthy.

That's when this card popped up and I knew I had to have it:

This card not only features some pretty sweet swatches and David Wilson, but also Doug Martin who is a star in Tampa. So its a big double bonus!

Speaking of double bonus, to my surprise was these cards that Jammin JDcards threw in for free. And my first Brandon Myers Giants card. Thanks for that!

Overall, this was a pretty sweet mail day addition to the collection. If there is something you are searching for or feel is missing from your collection, I recommend you turn to Jammin JDcards first. You can locate their site HERE.Or in many places on our blog.

As always thoughts are welcomed on our mail day!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sport Card Collectors Panini Player Of The Day Scavenger Hunt Contest

The following gallery is of the 2013 Player Of The Day base card set, autographs and memorabilia cards from the promo.

However, we wanted to play the great Tracy Hackler game "Scavenger Hunt". The difference is with our contest is that we didn't hide an image, though we did mess with three of them. Your challenge, if you choose to accept, is to tell us which THREE images we messed with and what we changed about them. You can find the real galleries over at Panini's blog the Knights Lance HERE and HERE that might be able to help you figure out the differences.Cause to make this even more challenging, you CANNOT click onto each image to enlarge them :) However, with our not so great Photoshopping it should be easy for most of you to enter :) Make sure you look REAL closely at all of the pictures!

Panini America 2013 NFL POD 1aPanini America 2013 NFL POD 2aPanini America 2013 NFL POD 3aPanini America 2013 NFL POD 4aPanini America 2013 NFL POD 5aPanini America 2013 NFL POD 6a
Panini America 2013 NFL POD 7aPanini America 2013 NFL POD 8aPanini America 2013 NFL POD 9aPanini America 2013 NFL POD RC 2aPanini America 2013 NFL POD RC 3aPanini America 2013 NFL POD RC 4aPanini America 2013 NFL POD RC 5aPanini America 2013 NFL POD RC 6aPanini America 2013 NFL POD RC 7aPanini America 2013 NFL POD RC 8aPanini America 2013 NFL POD RC 9a 
Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (1)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (2)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (3)
Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (5)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (6) Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (7)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (8)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (9) Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (10)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (11)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (12) Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (13)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (14)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (15) Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (16)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (17)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (18) Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (19)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (20)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (21) Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (22)
Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (24) Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (25)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (26)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (27) Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (28)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (29)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (30) Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (31)Panini America 2013 NFL POD Autos & Mem (32)  
Your answers will be hidden so no one can cheat. There will be THREE RANDOM winners.You must find all THREE IMAGES and tell us who they are. We will RANDOMLY SELECT 3 winners from the ones who get the RIGHT ANSWERS. If no one happens to get all three right answers, the ones with the most will be randomed.


1st Place a HOBBY BOX of Prominence Football 2013


 2nd Place Scores a POD Shirt and a HOF pack

3rd Place Scores These 2 packs 

Good luck to everyone who enters. We will announce the RANDOM winners on November 18th. Entries for this contest are due by November 16th by 10 pm e.t. 

There will be a 2nd Scavenger Hunt starting on the 17th for more great prizes :)