Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hobby Topic

Another post in our new series Hobby Topics. This is not so much a post for us to comment about or give our opinions on, this is your chance to let your voice be heard on a variety of topics in the hobby. We are leaving the floor open to you! So comment away! But please no language and keep your answer clean as we do have a younger following as well.

Today's Topic will be about Inserts

What do you do with yours? Do you collect them anymore? Should companies stop putting a lot less of them per box/pack? What about in terms of design, are companies cutting it? What would you like to see to improve how companies are doing insert cards?

Let's hear your thoughts!

1 comment:

  1. I only collect Yankees, so i only buy what i like on Ebay card by card. I love autographed cards, particularly of oldtimers. Jersey and bat cards are so-so to me now, i have a good selection of them, mainly older players. I think a lot of the designs really are stink-o, the designers of today just done seem to know what they are doing in general. arnie prichep