Friday, January 17, 2014

NEW to Friday's Posts!

With the lack of product previews available to me, I have decided to do away with Product Preview Friday. It is too hard to chase them down and to find ones that are on time and not late. So in exchange will be the NEW Poll Day. I will be posting a new poll every Friday, starting in March (from now until the end of February will be a very busy time for me so some posts will be fillers for days that I can't post that days scheduled post, so that's why the decision was to wait til March), off to the right side of the blog. And your feedback will make up the post. SO PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE!

There will be a variety of topics ranging from who's autograph would you want more to what company is putting out the best products. And on every Friday I will post the results from the previous poll along with the new poll that will be posted on the blog. I think this would be a great way to interact with you guys and see what your collecting thoughts are.

On another note, the new segments on the blog are working well. The most popular being Caption This with the least favorite being Featured NY Giants Card. And by least favorite, it doesn't mean it's too far off from being a favorite.  I also have other topics to incorporate as well, just haven't gotten to them yet. But I do have some break 'ems coming up with retail, hobby and retro breaks.  And hope to focus on the Basics segment soon too. Possibly in March as well.

As for the cleaning off the blog process, I decided because of blogspots restrictions (only 50 posts at a time can be deleted and I have over 900 which might take a week) that all posts will stay. Which also means goodbye to Sport Card Collectors Archives. I really wanted a fresh start, but I guess in some ways I still got it even though all of the older posts still exist.

I would enjoy any feedback that you have about the new setup and what topics are your favorite and least favorite or maybe you enjoy them all. And thoughts about the new topic Poll Day.

Thanks as always for the support!

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